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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 11 Recap

Hu Shi talked about how Peking University should deal with itself in the troubled times. He is very hopeful that Chinese universities will also have excellent libraries, museums and art galleries. If Peking University can become a world-renowned university, it will be enough to die. All teachers and students were very moved.

Many students from Peking University came to Cai Yuanpei and demanded the dismissal of Gu Hongming who helped Zhang Xun restore. Cai Yuanpei told them that the newspaper reports were not enough evidence, but he would submit their opinions to the review committee. The students suggested that they wanted to observe the council, Cai Yuanpei turned around and asked the members of the council if they agreed to attend. Hu Shi suggested that a few students could attend the meeting as representatives, and even Liu Shipei nodded in praise of this suggestion.

There are indeed two different voices in the Ministry of Arts and Sciences as to whether Gu Hongming will continue to be competent. Zhang Shizhao said a few words for Gu Hongming. He explained that Gu Hongming did not know about the restoration before. As for the appointment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is indeed a rumor.

Moreover, the key to dismissal is to see whether Gu Hongming uses the Peking University school to propagate restoration ideas. But Qian Xuantong had no patience with Gu Hongming, a die-hard guy, not to mention that he only taught six English poems in one semester, and the students simply didn’t want to listen. Cai Yuanpei suggested that he would talk to Gu Hongming and dismiss him again if his class was no longer of quality.

Gu Hongming sighed that he was already old Lianpo, and he thought about going to Daoxiang Village to buy southern goods and came to Cai Yuanpei’s place in detail. Gu Hongming’s life is not rich, and his servants usually spend a lot of money at home. Cai Yuanpei knows this too, but he still wants to speak with him on behalf of the council.

Cai Yuanpei asked him if he wanted to leave Peking University. Peking University was already the place where Gu Hongming was established in troubled times. He excitedly asked why he was not as well-known as Chen Duxiu and Hu Shi, who has no literary employment. Cai Yuanpei bluntly said that he teaches very few poems every semester but often teaches him. What kind of monarchism, caused the student attendance rate to be very sluggish.

But the council decided to give him one month to let the students return to his classroom, otherwise they would have to be dismissed. Hearing this, Gu Hongming laughed and said that it was easy to get students back to their classrooms. He will give a series of lectures called “On the Spirit of the Chinese” and make an oath. If there are still no students to listen to, he will resign by himself. He wants to say that his patriotism and the moral culture of the Chinese nation are spreading in the dojo of Peking University, and he will never leave.

Li Dazhao was walking on the road in the south, watching a group of married people beating gongs and drums, but the little girl with her feet in the wedding gown was crying sadly, which touched his heart very much. Li Dazhao was here. During the in-depth investigation of Chinese society, there was a deep doubt about whether capitalism can save the country.

Peking University posted a notice of Gu Hongming’s speech. This Gu Hongming is now teaching Chinese culture to foreigners. A ticket costs two yuan more than Mei Lanfang’s fare. Bai Lan, as a tutor, has a deep understanding of Gu Hongming’s name. She applied to Chen Duxiu and wanted to listen. Chen Duxiu said that although Peking University has not yet recruited female students, she can certainly go to public lectures.

When Gu Hongming came on stage, his classmates looked at his braid and laughed, but Gu Hongming didn’t care about turning around and told them that this braid was the root of the Chinese people, but he put it on his head, and they grew in their hearts. Gu Hongming said that it is not that foreigners who are full of English and wearing suits will respect the Chinese, but that they must adhere to the Chinese people’s own culture and spirit to make them respect.

He pointed out that the longer the foreigners live in China, the more they like China, because the spirit of Chinese people has a gentle quality. Guo Xingang thinks that gentleness is forbearance and cowardice, but Gu Hongming told him that the gentleness of Chinese people is because we are living a spiritual life.

The whole world recognizes the politeness of Chinese people because the Chinese are living with the spirit and know how to be considerate and caring. I also take Japan as an example to explain that the Chinese people’s politeness is different because our etiquette is full of fragrant flowers, which is vivid, not boring and narrow. Gu Hongming said that he was born in Nanyang, studied in the West, married in the East, and served in the North, but he is a dignified Chinese.

A true Chinese is a person with a heart of innocence and an adult mind. He will devote his life to spreading the spirit of the unity of the heart and the outside of the Chinese nation, even though he died nine times without regrets. The speech was magnificent and everyone present was convinced. Chen Duxiu stepped forward and invited him to hold his speech tomorrow in the playground.

Gu Hongming’s academic foundation is indeed second to none at Peking University, but Hu Shi also pointed out that he should pay more attention to his use of academic research as a platform for his propaganda and political orientation. Cai Yuanpei pointed out that Gu Hongming is an academic genius, and the essence of him should be selected. As long as he is not excessive, his method of imparting knowledge should be respected.

At the same time, he also proposed that he wanted to promote some new cultural ideas. Hu Shi suggested that colleagues of “New Youth” could be brought together to hold a series of new cultural lectures. Cai Yuanpei hurriedly called Chen Duxiu to discuss the lecture, and the two met to invite Li Dazhao, Lu Xun and others to give lectures one after another. Li Dazhao looked at the shackles and barefoot Chinese on the streets of Nanjing being escorted by British soldiers.

Mr. Bai came to the appointment and told him that Jiangsu Governor Li Chun wanted to apply for him, but he was returning to resign. Beijing. Li Dazhao frankly vowed not to be an official, and that he wanted to do something more beneficial when the national disaster was headed. This visit allowed Li Dazhao to give up his illusions about Western democracy and parliamentary systems. Going north to Beijing also embarked on a new path with the mission of ideological enlightenment and social revolution.

Li Dazhao returned to Beijing and Chen Duxiu brought Hu Shi to pick him up. Li Dazhao couldn’t wait to share with them what he saw, heard, and thought during the hundred days. Hearing Li Dazhao saying that his notion of not discussing politics for 20 years is too unrealistic, Chen Duxiu laughed and said that today’s banquet is about to become a debate.

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