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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 10 Recap

Chen Duxiu watched Yi Baisha invite him to teach at Peking University in such a sad and sorrowful manner, but Yi Baisha paranoidly refused and said that his notion of not discussing politics for 20 years would not work. Now it has come to the time when he must work hard. The atmosphere was sad, but Mr. Liu shouted Chen Duxiu’s words and came in to look for him. Mr. Liu was carrying something to talk to Chen Duxiu about Yannian Qiao Nian. He hoped to send Liu Mei and Yannian Qiao Nian to study in the United States. ,

But Chen Duxiu still rejected him. Mr. Liu persuaded his parents with pity, but he wondered why Chen Duxiu was so arbitrary about studying in the United States. Chen Duxiu understood Yannian’s character. He knew that he could not be the master of his son, but he was still concerned about his son’s future and asked about the current relationship between Yannian and Liu Mei. Mr. Liu rubbed his legs, the current relationship between the two was quite unclear. Chen Duxiu had to say that he had to understand the nature before replying.

Li Dazhao visited the people to communicate and talk with the broad masses of people, which made him reflect on the bourgeois revolution. To carry out fundamental reforms, he must listen to the voice of the public and find a path suitable for China. Yannian Qiaonian came to Wang Mengzou’s place, but did not see his father. He was about to leave but saw Chen Duxiu, who had warmed their buns, come out of the house. Chen Duxiu finally sat down and talked with his two sons.

At the moment of the World War, studying in France will not work for the time being. Yannian proposed to stay in Shanghai for a work-study program to lay the foundation for studying in France. Chen Duxiu still asked Yannian about Liu Mei, Yannian called him secular, and explained that they were just pure and noble friendships, and talked about anarchism with his father. What he pursued was the kind of pure friendship without marriage and secular fetters. ,

And formulated six nos, claiming that he would not fall in love, and attempting to achieve a relationship that is the same for everyone through strict self-discipline. Chen Duxiu did not approve of his son’s thinking, but he was unwilling to engage in fearless arguments. However, when he heard his son call herself Mr. Chen Duxiu, her heart was still angry. She turned around proudly and pretended to leave but took out the remaining buns to the two. Son to eat.

Duan Qirui declared war on Germany and Austria and joined the camp of Allied nations in World War I. The participating nations of the Allied Powers such as the United States proposed that they would protect China’s international rights and interests. Everyone in the Office of the Department of Humanities and Sciences of Peking University put forward their opinions on the school badge set by Lu Xun.

The two groups of new and conservative people still have different opinions on the suitability of the school badge. Hu Shi carried the box to report. After entering the door, he shook Qian Xuantong’s hand and explained that he was unable to meet Chen Duxiu in Shanghai because of something temporary.

Chen Duxiu excitedly called that he was himself, but Liu Shipei pointedly accused Sang Huai in the past. Hu Shi is a cunning skill, Chen Duxiu doesn’t care about this episode, he takes Hu Shi to eat the mutton, and also holds Erguotou to have a good meal with Hu Shi. Chen Duxiu enthusiastically prepared sesame sauce for Hu Shi, and the two of them who had known each other for a long time were almost as sympathetic as Bo Yaziqi. He can now safely hand over “New Youth” to Li Dazhao and Hu Shi.

Hu Shi believed in Chen Duxiu’s idea of ​​developing the enlightenment of the people’s wisdom for a long time, but Chen Duxiu himself knew that it was not easy not to talk about politics for two decades. Zhang Xun’s restoration was a frightening episode. Hu Shi was grateful for Chen Duxiu’s help and admiration. He bowed to Chen Duxiu and thanked him and said that he would follow him all his life to find the way to save the country.

The two were eating very well. Cai Yuanpei unexpectedly found Hu Shi in the restaurant. He looked at Hu Shi intently. Before opening his mouth, he stepped forward and shook hands with Hu Shi. The gentle young man in front of him was very pleased. Cai Yuanpei encouraged the two of them to actively create “New Youth” to create a new style, and also mentioned Lu Xun, another leader. The first course that Hu Shi wants to teach is the history of Chinese philosophy.

This is out of the question. The essence of the New Culture Movement actually grows in traditional culture. It is not a complete denial of traditional culture. He also said frankly that his doctoral thesis had not passed the first round, and he was still revising it under the leadership of his supervisor. Such a candid attitude made Cai Yuanpei deeply gratified. He was very pleased that Peking University finally had these new ideas and new strengths.

The list of panelists is mostly reformists, which aroused the dissatisfaction of many conservatives. Gu Hongming and Huang Kan came to inquire Cai Yuanpei. Cai Yuanpei knew they were coming, and they answered all the questions they asked. Huang Kan was very dissatisfied with Hu Shi’s selection. Gu Hongming studied abroad at a young age and was fluent in nine foreign languages. If he could not be elected as a member of the council, how could Hu Shi be. Cai Yuanpei proposed to drop talents regardless of style. Hu Shi’s voice was high among young people.

Gu Hongming was no longer suitable for the job because of the restoration. Moreover, the Ministry of Education explicitly ordered the professors of Peking University to support the republican system. This is what Cai Yuanpei could not violate. of. Cai Yuanpei also persuaded them what Hu Shi’s academic level was, and they could understand it by listening to it. Gu Hongming immediately replied that he must go back and listen to Hu Shi’s ability.

Cai Yuanpei gave an opening speech in the auditorium. Zhang Xun’s restoration has caused an earthquake-like effect at Peking University for more than three months, but he responded with the words “unchanged in the original intention, unwavering”. Hu Shi’s article “The Relationship between University and Higher Learning in China” won the heart of Cai Yuanpei, and he invited Hu Shi to come to the stage to give a speech. Hu Shi stood on the stage and looked at the crowd calmly, preparing to initiate a speech with “We are back, please see the resolution” in “Homer’s Epic”.

Gu Hongming got up and said in Greek that the king in “Homer’s Epic” should also listen to the advice, in an attempt to give Hu Shi a prestige, and accused Hu Shi’s English pronunciation is not pure enough to be the pronunciation used by the inferior. Hu Shi smiled and thanked Gu Hongming for his teachings, and said that the words he quoted today only care about its content. This is what he wants to say to Gu Hongming, what every new youth said to old China, and every one of them. A solemn promise to build New Peking University well.

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