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Village Basketball Team (2021) 乡村篮球队

Village Basketball Team (2021)
Other Title: 乡村篮球队, Xiang Cun Lan Qiu Dui, Country Basketball Team

Genres: Drama, sport
Shen Lei Gefei
Release Date: 
Feb 9, 2021
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  • Xie Yuan
  • Wu Gang
  • Lu Zhong
  • Feng En He
  • He Sai Fei
  • Zhang Yan Yan

The TV series “Rural Basketball Team” is a rural TV series, co-directed by Shen Lei and Ge Fei, starring Wu Gang, Xie Yuan, and Lu Zhong. The play mainly tells the story of Long Dabang dealing with the contradictions between the two villages and leading the villagers on the road to wealth. In southern China, two villages bear historical grievances.

Long Dabang of Shanghe Village, with the love of his hometown, gave up the big city and returned to the village to be elected as the village director, leading the villagers to start from scratch and embark on a road of rapid development. Lu Jingui, the village director of Xiahe Village, was a friend of Long Dabang when he was a boy, but now he has become rivals for the interests of his village. In the face of real conflicts of interest, they use basketball as a communication bridge, use games to resolve conflicts and determine their destiny. Long Dabang has a deep affection for the land.

He took the initiative to close the company, stop mining, and find a new development path. He wanted to reclose the divided villages. But at this time, Long Dabang was in the predicament of repeated battles. At the critical moment, Lu Jin Gui and Long Dabang joined hands to deal with Boss Huang, who set up a scam, and staged a shocking basketball scene. Long Dabang gradually became clear about the way forward, winning the hearts of young people in the two villages.

The ingenious cooperation of the two levels of leaders and the Huang brothers and sisters made the Wancun basketball game a moment for Long Dabang to realize his dream. The young people from the two villages formed the Honghe basketball team, with one heart and one mind, and finally won the provincial farmer basketball championship, resolved their grievances, and went hand in hand on the road to prosperity.

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