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To Be With You 约定 Episode 1 Recap

When the old calendar opened, it was the second half of the twelfth lunar month in a blink of an eye. It was the early morning less than eight days before the Spring Festival. The sun was still shining and the windows were still noisy. Can feel the cultural exchanges between neighbors.

After graduating from the police school, Ma Da moved to the most pyrotechnic old town. He and Uncle Ge live in an old-fashioned small building with two floors, small space, poor sound insulation, not comfortable, but very lively. At least in the eyes of everyone, the small building is located in a place where police is prone to police, police officers are on duty 24 hours a day, and the work system is zero.

Now Maada has been working in Nanguan Police Station for several years, and he has jurisdiction over four blocks, more than 2,980 households, and each household is performing the shortcomings of the parents. Others are still dealing with major and important cases, but he has to be busy persuading him. People eat, and the trivial things of looking for cats and dogs.

The parents who are thousands of miles away prepare their wedding room in advance. They only need a letter of resignation from Ma Da and the household registration book of his fiancée Tangtang. As long as he resigns today and obtains the certificate tomorrow, he can go to the kindergarten and become the security captain in the next year. From then on, the happy life of the wife and children’s hot kang head started.

However, Tianyi always likes to make fun of people. Just when Ma Da had finished packing everything, he had just handed his resignation letter to the director, and his plan was disrupted abruptly by one after another. The so-called “New Year’s Eve” came first, and the fireworks and firecrackers that had not been heard for a long time finally exploded in a jurisdiction. The partner Da Zhou directly explained the origin of the matter to the director in a state of thunder, and the result was Just after landing, Ma Da, chasing the pace of happiness, completely tripped on his good brother.

In the afternoon, a suicide by jumping from a building was about to occur in Xinbao District, Nanguan Lane. The cause was that emergency department doctor Su Ting was forced to marry by her parents, and she was so angry that she hung up half of her body by the window in search of death. Da Zhou tried to persuade Su Ting to cherish life, so under the proposal of Ma Da, he did not hesitate to use the charm of the opposite sex to successfully save the girl’s idea of ​​suicide, and even win the favor of the other party, and also planted a seed of love that took root in the future.

After solving this episode, the director supervised Ma Da to track down the whereabouts of the Nian beast. Because this person is very familiar with the terrain of the old city, he monitors the blind spots and fires every once in a while, and even neighbors cannot provide useful clues. Originally, Da Zhou wanted to split up with Ma Ma to turn over the trash, but he did not expect Ma Ma to be called away on the spot after a phone call.

The caller was a young and strong man. Unfortunately, he was as timid and timid as a mouse. At first, he was a normal person. If he had not experienced an elevator accident three years ago, he would still be called Zhang Dingtian. Since Xiao Dan’er was rescued, he never dared to take a step out of the room anymore. He will broadcast live on the Internet, at least to make ends meet.

Ma Da is the first person Xiao Dan’er sees for the rest of his life, so he feels about Ma’s like a chicken out of its shell seeing a mother chicken. Since then, a chick complex has been born, and all kinds of dependence are inevitable. No matter what’s going on, it will send a distress signal to Motor first.

Da Zhou admitted that he had seen countless versions of the wolf coming, but she didn’t expect that she would encounter the live version. Because of this, Maada hopes Xiaodaner can step through the hurdle in his heart. He and Dazhou tried all kinds of methods. Unexpectedly, the psychological barrier could not be overcome, but another shadow was added. Xiaodaner would rather pull in the crotch. Refused to go downstairs.

Leaving Xiao Dan’er’s home, before people arrive at the police station, you can hear the noise coming from the report hall from far away. When they come closer and look closely, a group of grandpas and aunts are chattering around the new police officer Xiao Liu, making Xiao Liu chaotic. . After careful inquiry by Ma Da and Da Zhou, it was strange that a thief had been entering and leaving Lianzang recently, but was staring at the cured pork.

Because Lianrangli belongs to the old city area, the monitoring facilities are relatively backward, and the nearby residents are unwilling to install and disassemble all of them, so that the thief has no specific appearance. Under the description of the community master, Da Zhou hastily portrayed the suspicious appearance. Liu called the surrounding surveillance based on the portrait, and finally found a regular customer at the police station who was good at stealing batteries in the middle of the night. Because his surname was Huang Chuang Mao, Da Zhou used to call him Huang Cuan Mao.

Huang Juanmao denied stealing meat, but he had witnessed the crime of a meat thief with his own eyes, and was especially curious why the other party turned the mailbox after stealing bacon. With this important clue, Ma Da contacted police officer Li Sa in time to let grandma and grandma check the mailbox. Unexpectedly, every household’s mailbox contained a red envelope containing an apology note and a hundred yuan in cash, as well as a few bags of melon and fruit snacks as compensation. .

Such a magical operation is really puzzling. Huang Chuangmao’s suspicion was cleared, Da Zhou re-examined the clues, within an hour, the suspicious vehicle was locked, and it happened to ran into a young car owner and his wife. The male car owner Qiangzi truthfully explained the cause and effect. He frankly admitted that he did not learn the pig raising skills well. As a result, he was unsatisfied and bought a batch of black fodder, so he tried his best to steal back the problematic pork that had flowed into the market.

Considering that the couple were first offenders and had a positive attitude towards compensation, as well as the cause of the incident, the police station gave them an understanding and allowed them to sign home. Qiangzi seemed to have something to say to Da Zhou before he left, but his wife Wu Sancui stopped in time, but Da Zhou hadn’t noticed the abnormality.

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