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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 22 Recap

Miao Miao said that she was no longer the one who Chen Fusheng said what she said. She had already heard the conversation between Chen Fusheng and A Feng. She asked Chen Fusheng if he had done so many detrimental things, whether he was really guilty at all. No, Chen Fusheng smiled and even started to quibble. He felt that it was his ability to make this money.

He also said that although he cheated some money, he also did a lot of charity. He just concentrated the scattered money in society. Being together and giving back to the society, Miao Miao certainly would not believe this ridiculous rhetoric. He felt that Chen Fusheng’s so-called charity was done for himself, and that Chen Fusheng was too shameless.

Ah Feng called out a friend William through Changsheng and asked him to help him find a few houses on his father’s site. As a safe base, William asked Ah Feng what kind of business he was doing. Ah Feng only said it was Internet finance, and William hesitated. After a while, I told him to give him a few days. After William left, Chang Sheng told Ah Feng that William was a racing fan. He recently saw a new sports car, but he didn’t have the money to buy it. Ah Feng understood the meaning of Chang Sheng and said that he would take care of it. As for the outer water house , Drivers and other links are left to Changsheng.

Chen Fusheng called Rory to test whether the working group really left. He also said that he had left a few boxes of red wine for Rory and wanted to send it to Rory, but Rory said that he had quit drinking and declined. Chen Fusheng. The working group stayed at the base and waited for Chen Fusheng and A Feng to show their feet. Wu Shengnan suggested that A Feng and the others would restart.

There must be a lot of preliminary work to be done. Last time, a group of people were sold in the villa, so they can start with the recruitment process. In the investigation, Gu Simiao and Xiao Hong took Lu Xin and Xiaoyun to help them find Xue Yang, who was deceived into the fraud group at the time. Several people visited the place where Lu Xin Xiaoyun was deceived before, hoping to find Xue Yang.

Yin Zhihang investigated that Chen Fusheng had a long-term VIP room in a jockey club, and only Chen Fusheng and A Feng would occasionally go there. Gao Xiaotian felt that there must be a problem with the VIP room of the jockey club that made Yin Zhihang stare at this house. Fortunately, substantive evidence was obtained.

At Chen Fusheng’s home, Miao Miao had already planned to leave Chen Fusheng and return to Canada. Before she left, she gave a letter to her friend Ah Zhuo, saying that after she left, she would send the letter to the Chinese Embassy. As for children, she would send the children After giving birth, trying her best to treat the child’s illness would be regarded as an atonement for Chen Fusheng. After Chen Fusheng went home, he knew that Miao Miao had left. He returned to the study and saw that Miao Miao left a letter for himself. Miao Miao proposed to divorce Chen Fusheng and asked Chen Fusheng to cooperate with her lawyer to sign the divorce agreement. book.

William accepted the sports car given by Afeng and found a place for Afeng as a stronghold in his father’s barracks. He told Afeng that people must not run around or stay in the military forbidden zone. Afeng asked William rest assured. Within a few days, Afeng recruited new people. The instructor Xiaowei brought a group of familiar hands into the place Afeng found.

Now the equipment and people are all available. Afeng called Liu Bo and invited him again. Liu Boyi worked with himself, but Liu Boyi was afraid to go to the place Afeng was looking for, and Afeng did not insist anymore. Turning around, A Qiu told Chen Fusheng about it, and Chen Fusheng called A Feng and asked him to come out to meet him.

The two went to the private room of the Jockey Club to meet. Chen Fusheng said that he had pulled Liu Boyi over because he wanted Ah Feng to stay with him. He offered to let Ah Feng return to his side and promised to split the profit in 50-50. A Feng felt that Chen Fusheng was coveting the safe place he found, and refused Chen Fusheng’s request. After saying that, A Feng left. Chen Fusheng called Bo Liu again and let him start work.

Gu Simiao and Xiao Hong wandered around the scenic spot for a few days, and finally found Xue Yang. Xiao Hong quickly called Wei Zimeng and asked them to come over to support him. Santo stepped forward and caught Xue Yang. On Yin Zhihang’s side, he also got a video of Liu Boyi and Chen Fusheng meeting, and now he got substantive evidence.

After Liu Boyi and Afeng started construction, the domestic police also found the network addresses. The working group quickly confirmed the addresses of two dens. Liu Boyi’s den was in the villa area in the eastern suburbs, and Afeng’s den was armed locally. Controlled Kabarin area.

After receiving Miao Miao’s anonymous letter, the Chinese Embassy handed it to the working group. The anonymous letter contained a copy of Chen Fusheng’s Fiji passport, which was another identity of Chen Fusheng, named Brandon, and Chen Fusheng’s name. Under the company’s revenue and expenditure, these things are not enough to capture Chen Fusheng. At this time, the patriotic overseas Chinese Mr. Guo called Gao Xiaotian, and the two met. Mr. Guo told Gao Xiaotian that the Kabarin area belongs to the three-regardless zone.

There are many places in the area where armed forces are under the command of Commander Danilo. I have never cooperated with any government. I still need a pass to enter the Kabarin area. Gao Xiaotian hopes that Mr. Guo can help him get a pass. However, Mr. Guo said that even if Gao Xiaotian enters, there is no guarantee that he will not encounter any sudden changes. The risk of entering the Kabarin area is too great.

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