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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 29 Recap

Jin Xiaobei came to thank Wen Zhe, but Wen Zhe persuaded Jin Xiaobei and Dante to be more cautious. After all, if Jin Xiaobei loses, there will still be Rentai, but Dante will have nothing if he loses. Jin Xiaobei keeps saying that he is not. You need to find Father Golden. If he loses, he will work and pay back slowly. Wen Zhe can’t listen to a word. Ling Xiaoxiao and Tan Weilun had dinner together, and Tan Weilun told her that Shu Wanting and Meng Fan had chosen Lin Rui.

Jin Xiaobei exercised in the corridor and Lin Rui showed off that he had received three million investment funds, but Lin Rui told the truth that their products are too small and the prospects are not optimistic. The sales of medical beauty are indeed very large. Sun Nana and Ling Xiaoxiao have been a little strange lately, but nothing strange. Zhang Xiaoyu had a gossip with Dong Xinran and Justin. She saw Ling Xiaoxiao went to dinner with Tan Weilun last night and then came back by herself. Fang Jing has a plan. The key person is Sophie.

She has wet her feet since the last Hilda wine incident. At this time no one dared to control the first and second parts. Lin Rui asked Zhang Xiaoyu if he knew the specific time when Ling Xiaoxiao and Tan Weilun went out. Zhang Xiaoyu remembered clearly, and Lin Rui asked Zhang Xiaoyu to call everyone who was okay. Go to the warehouse to improve efficiency. Lin Rui called Cai Cai, and she should be back when her maternity leave is almost over.

Wen Zhe made an appointment with Zhang Xiaoyu for dinner, and said that he had to say something about their plan, and Zhang Xiaoyu had to go to the appointment. It took Wen Zhe a long time to talk about business in the name of discussing business. He saw Ling Xiaoxiao at the Rentai Center, but her goods were not in the Rentai Center. Zhang Xiaoyu suddenly became nervous, and left before even having a meal, Wen Zhe was upset.

Lin Rui, who was on a business trip in Beijing, received a call from Zhang Xiaoyu. Zhang Xiaoyu was worried that Ling Xiaoxiao would repeat the Mother’s Day incident. Lin Rui said she underestimated Fang Jing. This time they agreed to compete head-on, and believed she was a contract-keeping. people. Zhang Xiaoyu was still very worried, so Lin Rui had to ask her to come to Beijing to sign a contract for her, and she would fly back to Shanghai tomorrow.

Ling Xiaoxiao went to Rentai to check whether Sophie was credible, and the answer was that she did surrender. Sophie will not go to the warehouse again, and Dong Xinran will be in charge of the warehouse. Sophie told Ling Xiaoxiao that Zhang Xiaoyu had booked a plane ticket to Beijing, but Fang Jing didn’t care. Zhang Xiaoyu was carrying a suitcase to go to the airport, but suddenly canceled the trip and returned to the company to investigate with Dong Xinran, and found that the Chinese and English ingredients of Xiuyan’s ampoule were not the same.

If they were sued to the supervisory authority, they would be in trouble. Zhang Xiaoyu and Dong Xinran rushed to the warehouse, but they were stopped by the security guards saying that they had to make an application in advance to enter the warehouse after ten o’clock in the evening. Zhang Xiaoyu had to call Wen Zhe.

Zhang Xiaoyu and Dong Xinran were a little awkward sitting in Wen Zhe’s car. Dong Xinran’s high emotional intelligence resolved the embarrassment. The trio inspected the goods in the warehouse and found that all Chinese labels were wrong, stating that someone was killing them. Zhang Xiaoyu couldn’t wait to spend the night to repost the label. Wen Zhe quickly said that his warehouse could also print the label, so that the staff could repost it.

It was finally over, but Zhang Xiaoyu still felt that something was wrong, and the replacement time on Mother’s Day must never repeat itself. Lin Rui thought Zhang Xiaoyu had arrived in Beijing, but Zhang Xiaoyu said that she hadn’t gone. Lin Rui was a little angry about how important Qianjiao is to them. She stayed in Shanghai without coming to Beijing. Lin Rui suspended Zhang Xiaoyu from her job. Zhang Xiaoyu is a bit wronged, but she still has a lot to do.

Wen Zhe escorted them back to Zhang Xiaoyu’s house, and the three of them carefully entered Zhang Xiaoyu’s room with three boxes of samples to try the danger. The next day, Zhang Xiaoyu and Dong Xinran didn’t feel that there was something wrong with their skin, but Justin’s face was red and swollen. After being taken to the hospital, he was told that he was in anaphylactic shock. Rentai’s goods will be sent to all parts of the country in the afternoon. Zhang Xiaoyu asked Dong Xinran to accompany Justin to stop him, but he did not expect to have loaded the car, and said that it was Lin Rui’s special advice.

When Zhang Xiaoyu rushed to the taxi, the taxi was rear-ended, so he had to get out of the car and met Dante by chance and asked him to take himself to the company. Zhang Xiaoyu found a lot of fakes one by one. Lin Rui was on his way to the airport after signing the contract, so Zhang Xiaoyu must protect the evidence. Zhang Xiaoyu and Wen Zhe were investigating the exchange of goods. The suspicion fell on the storage and packaging process. Zhang Xiaoyu quickly asked Xiao Wen to protect the warehouse video.

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