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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 8 Recap

Chen Duxiu said that he had always respected the study of Confucian Confucianism, but Gu Hongming used his smashed Confucian signboard as an example, saying that they did not respect Confucian Confucianism at all. Chen Duxiu told him that “New Youth” opposed the pedantic three principles and five constants, which meant that the oppression of the people should be discarded. Cai Yuanpei tried to interrupt their controversy, but Chen Duxiu pointed out that teacher ethics should be the most important thing in applying for employment, and Peking University should indeed not become the umbrella of the royalist party.

Huang Kan got up and talked endlessly, and Qian Xuantong even got up and pushed him back to his seat. Cai Yuanpei pointed out that the most important thing for the hired professors is to teach and educate people. If they do not teach well, they can be dismissed immediately. The dismissal letter has been drawn up, which can make the professors present look at each other.

After the meeting, Qian Xuantong recommended a fellow villager named Zhou Shuren to Chen Duxiu. A line of officers and soldiers in Caishikou showed that a young man was decapitated. The blood went to treat his son. Sitting in the pavilion, Lu Xun looked at the numb crowd, feeling very sad and hopeless in his heart. Qian Xuantong came to him and wanted him to write an article for “New Youth”, but Lu Xun was very desperate about the current situation in China, and the argument was fruitless. Qian Xuantong had to relax, and Lu Xun also asked Qian Xuantong to invite him to drink. write an essay.

Li Yuanhong issued an ultimatum to stop publication of “Jia Yin” immediately, all signs indicate that this is going to be done. Chen Duxiu proposed to hire Gao Yihan and Li Dazhao as co-editors of “New Youth” and settle their positions in Peking University for them. Zhang Xun’s braid army was already near the city, but Li Dazhao refused to evade, even determined to be the second Tan Sitong, and even proposed to Chen Duxiu that he could no longer insist on his idea of ​​not talking about politics for 20 years. This can completely make Chen Duxiu lose his reason, and immediately tell him that the current Chinese people’s wisdom is not talking about politics at all, and he does not need Tan Sitong like him. Li Dazhao’s never evading politics cannot be unified with Chen Duxiu, so he had to turn around and leave.

Chen Duxiu came to Cai Yuanpei who was eating, and wanted to ask Cai Yuanpei to do two things. The list of “New Youth” co-editors is all the top figures of the New Culture Movement, but Lu Xun still needs Cai Yuanpei to come forward to discuss. Chen Duxiu couldn’t sit down anxiously, and hoped to make “New Youth” a Peking University publication as soon as possible. Cai Yuanpei reminded them that, except for Liu Bannong, who can enter the job first, everyone else must follow the procedures to avoid making people think that Chen Duxiu is engaging in gangism.

Chen Duxiu pointed out that the current situation is unstable and he is very afraid of changes in the situation at Peking University, but Cai Yuanpei is very stable. At this time, a teacher hurried over to tell Cai Yuanpei that Zhang Xun’s braid army was about to enter the city, and Kang Youwei had already entered the city. He urged Cai Yuanpei to go home and may not be able to leave any more late. Chen Duxiu was anxious to shoot the case, and Cai Yuanpei had to let them go home first and see the situation tomorrow.

Zhang Xun entered Beijing with an army of five thousand braids. This was a long-planned restoration. Li Dazhao had been on their blacklist, but he refused to escape. He asked Zhao Shiyan to call Deng Zhongxia, Guo Xingang and others to go to the streets tomorrow. I took a look at it and wrote down a leaflet by myself, arranging to see you on the Mon Street tomorrow. In the evening, Li Dazhao also wrote a generous poem to write about his endless love and determination for the revolution to China.

Zhang Xun, who came to the Forbidden City, took off his hat, took off his sword, and walked into the palace hall and knelt down to Puyi, complaining that this republican system was really helpless, and only Puyi could save China when he re-enforced the throne. The young Pu Yi looked at the minister’s eyes and motioned, first rejected and then agreed.

Speaking of the reward for Zhang Xun, Zhang Xun said that he wanted a position as the governor of Zhili. Gu Hongming and others stood on both sides to listen. The face was very ugly, but they had no choice but to agree. Seeing the sabre pulled out by Zhang Xun’s subordinates, the people outside the hall had to bite their teeth and kneel on the ground to salute.

The flag symbolizing the honor of the emperor was waved on the street, and Zhang Fengzai and the others wore long braided hats and hugged each other with understanding and excitement in the Qing Dynasty, shouting long live the Qing Dynasty. On the other side, Deng Zhongxia shouted to safeguard the restoration of the republican monarchy, and took the students to hand out flyers. Li Dazhao walked slowly, standing on the table and shouting loudly, reprimanding the braid army for its shameless behavior, and declaring that the brilliance of democracy could not be blocked by anyone.

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