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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 21 Recap

With the help of Luo Li, Gao Xiaotian and others held a press conference at the police station to express gratitude to the local reporters for their attention to the police cooperation of the two countries in combating telecommunications fraud. A reporter asked Gao Xiaotian about this action. What are your thoughts and whether you are satisfied with the cooperation of the local police? Gao Xiaotian replied that he was particularly satisfied with the cooperation of the local police. This time they cooperated to destroy a criminal den and arrested several criminal suspects. Another reporter asked. He, they did not catch the leader of the den. This operation was considered a success.

Gao Xiaotian asked the reporter how they knew they did not catch the leader. The reporter did not answer, so he asked Gao Xiaotian to answer his question, and Gao Xiaotian asked. Saying that they have cracked down on the most important part of telecommunications fraud, how can they be unsuccessful? The reporter asked Gao Xiaotian if they were going to return to China. Gao Xiaotian did not answer positively, joking that if they were the host, the working group would It doesn’t matter if you stay for a few days.

At Chen Fusheng’s home, Chen Fusheng told Miao Miao that he had told some lies when he was pursuing her, but they were all due to his low self-esteem. But after they got married, what he did to Miao Miao was true. Yes, Miao Miao thought Chen Fusheng was here to persuade him to return to Canada, so he said that he would not leave. Their child’s illness could only be treated after birth. Miao Miao asked Chen Fusheng if he had anything to say. Seeing that Chen Fusheng still didn’t confess to himself, Miao Miao didn’t want to talk more with Chen Fusheng.

Chen Fusheng and Gao Xiaotian met again in the park. The two knew each other’s identities, but they were still acting. Chen Fusheng asked if Gao Xiaotian was going back to China, and pretended not to give up, Gao Xiaotian. He nodded, and said that if he had fate, he would definitely meet. Chen Fusheng asked Gao Xiaotian when he would leave. Gao Xiaotian said that he would follow the instructions of his superiors. Chen Fusheng wanted to bribe Gao Xiaotian. Gao Xiaotian fought with Chen Fusheng. Tai Chi is not explicitly rejected.

The news of the working group’s departure soon reached Chen Fusheng and A Feng’s ears. Chen Fusheng also saw the news on the Internet that Li Dongping was defrauded of 20 million yuan. He called A Feng and asked A Feng to wait a few more days to start work. On the surface, Afeng agreed, but behind Chen Fusheng’s preparations and Changsheng started work. Liu Boyi and A Qiu also saw the news in the newspaper and knew that the working group had left, but Liu Boyi was cautious and doubtful about the news in the newspaper.

He planned to wait for the working group to leave, and then he would go with him. When Ah Qiu returned to Taiwan to live his life, Ah Qiu offered to go it alone, but Liu Boyi was very hesitant. He felt that the industry was too deep. When he was struggling, A Feng found two people and invited them to work alone.

But Ah Qiu went to Chen Fusheng secretly and told Chen Fusheng what A Feng wanted to do alone. Liu Boyi was very angry when he learned that A Qiu went to Chen Fusheng. He felt that he and A Feng were brothers for many years. A Qiu did this to sell A Feng, but A Qiu said that A Feng did not treat Liu Boyi as a brother. At that time, it was not that Liu Boyi called Afeng about 20 million yuan. They were arrested long ago. After listening to A Qiu’s persuasion, Liu Boyi went to see Chen Fusheng with A Qiu. Chen Fusheng said that he could give Liu Boyi the new points. The two bargained again, and Chen Fusheng agreed to give Liu Boyi 30%. The two reached a cooperation.

Although the working group returned to China, they did not return to Beijing. Instead, they stayed in Guangzhou for a few days. The Guangzhou police caught the farmers in the telecom fraud group. Gao Xiaotian decided to meet this person for a while to see if he could get from this person. What came out of my mouth. The material farmer knew that since he had been arrested, he couldn’t hide anything, so he told what he knew. After learning about the relationship between A Feng, Cai Jinming and Chen Fusheng, the working group bought a ticket and returned to Country F, waiting for the opportunity to wipe out the fraudsters.

Afeng was very angry when he learned that Chen Fusheng had poached Liu Boyi, so he ran to Chen Fusheng’s house and confronted him. He suspected that Chen Fusheng had harmed his father. Chen Fusheng denied it and said that if Afeng wanted to go it alone, He would not object, and he could even help. He also wanted to see how far A Feng could go by himself.

A Feng was not convinced, and felt that he could live longer and go farther than Chen Fu. Chen Fusheng was still angry after Afeng left. Miao Miao suddenly appeared. She had already heard the conversation between Chen Fusheng and Afeng. Chen Fusheng was a little guilty. She didn’t know how much Miao Miao heard, so she quickly explained that Afeng used him. The relationship has done these things and wants to get rid of himself.

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