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Love Unexpected 不可思議的愛情 Episode 13 Recap

Since the promise to burst the ambiguous bubble between the promise and Kesiwei, Kesiwei no longer smiled at the promise. Facing the cold-blooded words of the promise, Kesiwei simply returned it. After receiving a call from his father Li Da, Left in a hurry, only the promise was left in place.

Since the last time Li Yunzhu complained to Li Da for his negligence, Li Da carefully prepared the dishes this time. Watching Li Da’s appearance in the kitchen and the strangely noisy appearance, Yunzhu’s heart flowed through. There was a warmth, and a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, but it was secretly covered up for the sake of face. I saw Li Da sitting in front of Yun Zhu and personally serving Yun Zhu a bowl of carefully boiled pork rib soup. The small dormitory was filled with the fragrance of rice instead of the scent of cooling oil to soothe the pain.

Zhixiao and Kesiyi met at the coffee shop downstairs of the company, and handed the newly designed mad tiger team uniform to Kesi. Looking at the familiar logo, touching them in their hands, the eyes of the imaginative glowed with joy. Zhou Yanxin, who happened to have a meeting and went downstairs to buy coffee, and promised inadvertently saw Zhixiao and Kesiwei sitting together at the coffee shop bar, talking and laughing, the incredible smile that hadn’t been seen for many days, plus Zhou Yanxin’s jealous words, Xu promised to hold back his calm face, but the jealousy rushed out of the line. It was not scary. Zhou Yanxin looked at him from the side, naturally he understood the true thoughts of the sudden change of promise.

On the other hand, Zhixiao told Kesi what he had promised to deliberately use the crazy tiger to leave behind the incredible truth, but Kesi, who colluded with Wu Dongde to sell the promise, was worried that what he did would disappoint Promise and even cause revenge, in order to avoid nights and dreams. , Conceivably broke into the promised office under every possible consideration, and formally resigned with the reason of resolving the mismatch between the two. The words and sentences of Kesiyi are powerful, choking to promise and can’t speak, but after watching Kesiwei leave without a word, he loses his strength and collapses on the chair…

The Fighting Variety Show has seen an explosive scene since its premiere, attracting the attention of countless brands and sending many products to use. Ke Siwei was very curious to try on his high heels, jumping around and not happy, who knows that while Ke Siwei was so happy, the promise on the other side almost died in the conference room and caught sight of Ke Siwei running around wearing high heels. Only then did the promise react. Regardless of everyone’s gaze, he forcibly picked up Kesi’s waist and brought it into the office. Under the eyes of many eyes, he took off his high heels for Kesi. Zhou Yanxin, who was peeking from the side, couldn’t help laughing…

After the morning farce, Kesi was once again troubled by the intimacy he promised, knowing that all this was promised to avoid his pain, but Kesi couldn’t help but fall into it. I can only find Yun Zhu to spend time with myself to relieve my sorrows. The two sisters took the opportunity to talk about their feelings. Yun Zhu was jealous because of Zhixiao’s preference for Weird. Now the scenes are changed. Keshi also begins to look down on Yunzhu because of the promised deviation. Under the shining moon, the two sisters decided to make an agreement. Don’t compete for your favorite object.

Zhou Yanxin and Xu Xu went home and looked around for the weirdness. Seeing Xu’s anxious appearance, Zhou Yanxin couldn’t help but start teasing. At this time Ke Si Wei ended his appointment with Yun Zhu and returned home. Seeing Zhou Yanxin was also present, Ke Si Wei took the opportunity to apply for resignation, but he was promised to deny it. It was an improper request that Ke Si Wei made the resignation because of a relationship problem. , And emphasized the story of Kesishi forcing herself to kiss her when she was drunk last time. This is really irritating. She explained that when she was drunk, she liked promiscuity, so she even kissed the doorknob and door frame, chasing Zhou Yanxin and running around the house. Seeing the promise, there is nothing to say.

The next day, Ke Siwei prepared breakfast. Zhou Yanxin came to Cengfan, and once again emphasized to Ke Siwei that the promise must be something incredible, or why he was jealous again and again Liang Zhixiao. After all, Zhou Yanxin wanted to prove his theory. , Deliberately used the video edited by Liang Zhixiao to pretend to be in front of the promise, and used his eyes to signal Kesi to act with him. Sure enough, he was very angry when he heard the promise. He quickly asked Zhou Yanxin to find a blind date for himself. Seeing that the two fell in love and killed each other. To start it again, Zhou Yanxin hurriedly screamed to escape, leaving behind promises and incredibly staring eyes.

Zhou Yanxin escaped from Xu’s home and drove to the Crazy Tiger Stadium. When Lin Wen finished training, Zhou Yanxin pretended to mysteriously lead Lin Wen to the trunk of his car. When the car door slowly rose, Lin Wen found the beauty Around the girl warrior, including all the comics and collections of CDs, Zhou Yanxin had observed Lin Wen’s preferences and deliberately prepared such a surprise. The extremely moved Lin Wen hugged Zhou Yanxin. Now all the crazy tigers peeking in the corner. The team members all rushed out to cheer for their feelings.

Although the promise was angry, Zhou Yanxin found a blind date for the promise as planned. He noticed that the incredible eyes were always following, and promised to ignore Kesiwei deliberately, and got on the special car to go to the restaurant. I didn’t want to give up. I tracked all the way to the dating site and found the promised blind date. I promised to find the strange voyeur in the corner. I deliberately behaved ambiguously with the blind date. After thinking about it, suddenly remembering the high heels in the bag, a clever idea appeared in Kesi Wei’s heart…

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