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Love Unexpected 不可思議的愛情 Episode 12 Recap

After changing into his fighting suit, Ke Si hurried to look for Promise, but unexpectedly found Promise holding Yun Zhu. Originally, he came to Yunzhu to ask about the incredible whereabouts. After turning his head to find the incredible figure, he quickly stepped forward and pulled away the incredible. Originally still in anger, the incredible chose to turn his head, but press the promise At the moment of pressing the button, Kesimei was amazed by a car of flowers that she promised to prepare.

Although she could not guess the reason for her anger, she promised to use actions to appease Kesi. Ke Si Wei turned into a little girl at this moment, ecstatically looking at the beauty and romance in it, and immediately accepted the promised apology. Such a sudden change made Zhou Yanxin and Lin peeking aside. Wen was helpless.

The next day, the first show of Fighting Variety was a big success, and the media conference officially began. Yun Zhu, as a fighting goddess and promised to join hands in a shining appearance, and Kesi had to block the media for the two of them. Looking at the two people on the stage, there was a huge gap in their hearts, and she had to look at the stage with jealousy. Of Yunzhu. Xiao Xiao on the side discovered the incredible loneliness, and insisted on standing beside the incredible to give encouragement.

Standing in the interview, Xu and Li Yunzhu caught sight of the incredible and harmonious interaction in the corner, and there was a different level of jealousy in their hearts. At this moment, Wu Dongde suddenly appeared, broke into the scene, and asked publicly whether he was consuming the company’s financial resources just to praise Li Yunzhu. He had another love for Li Yunzhu. He understood that Wu Dongde’s behavior was deliberately making trouble, and the surrounding media quickly started as soon as he heard it Climbing along the pole, besieging Xu and Li Yunzhu.

Seeing that the scene is about to be out of control, Xu Xu only shows that he is really creating this variety show for Li Yunzhu, avoiding emotional issues. Ke Si Wei rushed forward to block the media for the two of them, but watched the promise to protect Yun Zhu everywhere, and felt angry again.

Sure enough, when he promised to take Li Yunzhu back to the lounge, he felt a headache. After the promise that I couldn’t understand more about Kesi, he guessed that Kesi was drinking. In desperation, Zhou Yanxin had to look back to find Kesi, and she found out. Drunk and incredible, constantly muttering and accusing the promised change of heart. Col is nothing but incredible thoughts, Zhou Yanxin had to say that promises also liked incredible. This coaxed Kesi to get back into the car.

Xu Xu and Yun Zhu sat in the lounge alone. Yun Zhu struggled, and finally asked Xu Xu why Xu promised to be so kind to himself, just as promised to tell the “meeting” between the two three years ago, Zhi Xiao suddenly Opening the door to inform Yun Zhu to accept an interview, interrupted the promised words…

Zhou Yanxin sent Kesiwei home, and said word by word about the promise to be jealous, assuring Kesiwei that the promise must be like Kesiwei. After hearing Zhou Yanxin’s words, Kesi’s heart began to shake. When the night came, and promised to return home to check the incredible situation, he found that Kesi was wearing sexy pajamas and the blurry lipstick traces on the corners of his mouth. Promising to escape, it is incredible that he forcibly held the promise and hurriedly pressed close to the promised lips…

The next day, Ke Si Wei told Lin Wenhe Weiwei about his impulsive confession, and Xu Xu couldn’t help telling Zhou Yanxin about the process of last night. At this moment, the two cautious two unconsciously amplify any movements and cannot face it normally. other side. Zhou Yanxin was surprised to find that the cold-blooded promise turned out to be an egg at this moment. In order to help his brother, Zhou Yanxin volunteered as a wingman. He called the promise to the home, and the two who were still in a strange atmosphere deliberately changed their minds.

At this time, Zhou Yanxin was in a hurry. Under the stimulation of Zhou Yanxin’s words, Kesi readily admitted that he liked promises, but promises hesitated and never spoke. Zhou Yanxin analyzed all the abnormal behaviors of promises on behalf of the promise: extreme cleanliness but allowed thoughtful changes. Entering the promised home, abiding by discipline, but allowing conceivable early departure and late arrival… Zhou Yanxin concluded that the unexpected changes in the promise were due to liking for the conceivable, but after listening to Zhou Yanxin’s analysis, Xu promise frowned and called Zhou Yanxin aside.

Zhou Yanxin explained the transfer of emotions and pain between himself and Kesi Wei. Zhou Yanxin never believed in the nonsense of the promise, but Kesi knew that everything he promised was sincere, and promised that the throbbing felt by Kesi Wei was nothing but a sensation. Thoughtful self-feelings, and all the exceptions to Kesi are just for self-protection. The imaginary who overheard everything on the side of the wall quickly fell into a huge loss, looked desperately at the indifferent promise, and hurriedly left.

Zhou Yanxin saw that Xu had no intention of comforting him, so he had to go to catch up with Wusi on his own, trying to comfort the incredible emotions, but it was too late. Kesi has fallen into love because of the promised careful care and warm treatment. Now He promised to pick out the relationship between the two unfeelingly, but it was incredible that he had to endure the heartache and accept all reality…

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