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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 7 Recap

Cai Yuanpei proposed to set up a council. Every five professors in the school will elect a councillor. It is necessary to attract outstanding talents and abolish unqualified faculty. All this starts with liberal arts. The meeting was disbanded and Chen Duxiu asked Gu Hongming to propose to go to the campus playground to discuss the discussion. Cai Yuanpei hurriedly stopped him and said that there was something to tell him, and thus stopped the fierce discussion.

Cai Yuanpei used the contention of a hundred schools of thought in the pre-Qin Dynasty as an example to warn Chen Duxiu that the culture of Chen Duxiu was the forerunner of politics and did not agree with the break with the old culture. The development of the new culture was based on the sublation and innovation of the old culture, rather than blindly abandoning it.

As for Ku Hongming and others, although they are die-hards, their criticisms of Western culture are quite pertinent. Those who have stayed abroad should understand the truth better. Liu Shipei, a stubborn retro school who criticized Hu Shi’s many criticisms, is about to come to Peking University to teach. Chen Duxiu finally understands Cai Yuanpei’s intentions and promises that he will not fail his hard work. Chen Duxiu delivered a clear and popular social literature lecture, which aroused the enthusiasm of the young students.

In the classroom of Peking University, Huang Kan took Hu Shi’s vernacular article published in “New Youth”, and he set a rule that he would use 20 minutes to criticize the vernacular in class every day. As soon as Xin was picked up by the “New Youth” who was still on the ground, Huang Kan actually ordered him to take it and humiliate him by staying on the ground repeatedly. Zhang Fengzai turned his eyes and picked up the book. He said that he would pick it up when he wanted to throw it away. He had done the job. Under the coaxing of several dudes, Huang Kan even more condemned the vernacular.

Zheng Zhongxia and other knowledgeable young people are really unbearable, and they refute Huang Kan’s criticism of the vernacular, poetry and the unbearable remarks by using literature to be both refined and popular, and he greatly praised the vernacular movement. Huang Kan was dissatisfied with the actions of Zheng Zhongxia and Guo Xingang and drove the two out of the classroom. He also brought the school committee to discuss, and accused them of ignoring the teacher, disregarding classroom discipline, and demanding that they be punished.

Regarding Huang Kan’s allegations, Zheng Zhongxia proposed that exchanges and debates should belong to normal literary exchanges. Zhang Fengzai sued Guo Xingang for rants, and contradicting Huang Kan was a strong argument. But the students knew that Huang Kan was indeed insulted first, and was strong and unreasonable. Qian Xuantong got up and reprimanded Huang Kan for his foul language and anger in class.

Gu Hongming also got up and ordered a group of students and professors who supported the New Culture Movement. The scene was out of control for a while. Cai Yuanpei said that the biggest rule of Peking University is to include science and democracy. As long as heated discussions are beneficial to teaching, more is better. This should be Peking University’s style of study. A few words of understatement calmed down the dispute, and the students clapped their hands for the principal’s words.

Three months have passed. Chen Duxiu and his wife are nagging about their two sons at home. Yannian Qiao Nian develops frostbite but still insists on setting up a stall to earn money. Chen Duxiu feels distressed. Junman tells him that the brothers have become obsessed with Wu Zhihui recently. Anarchist, I want to stay in France, and I heard that Peking University may open a Sino-French university in France. Chen Duxiu commented that Wu Zhihui was not suitable for walking too close, so Jun Man offered to write a letter on his behalf to persuade him and mail some cold cracking ointment to his sons.

Li Dazhao brought Zhao Shiyan, Guo Xingang, and Bai Lan to the home carrying a dressing table. Junman was also a talented woman, and they were very vocal when they got together. Speaking of his wife Li Dazhao said that his wife is a baby relative older than him, but their husband and wife are in a good relationship, Chen Duxiu also asked him to bring his wife and children to live together as soon as possible, and also invited Li Dazhao and Gao Yihan to teach at Peking University together.

Yi Baisha met Mao Zedong in the Hunan Provincial School. As a die-hard fan of “New Youth”, Mao Zedong couldn’t wait to see Yi Baisha. He proposed that the six standards for new youth proposed by Chen Duxiu should be strong instead of weak. Refutes the insults of the sick man in East Asia by foreigners. He also took out his own “Sports Research” article for Yi Baisha to review.

Yi Baisha proposed to write a recommendation letter to Chen Duxiu to recommend this article. Mao Zedong proposed the article and he would send it to Chen Duxiu himself, but rejected Yi Baisha’s recommendation letter. Opportunity, he wants to rely on his literary talent to get the opportunity to post. Mao Zedong’s article on sports can be said to be a maverick. For the sports article “New Youth”, this is the first time it was published. Chen Duxiu praised this article and asked for it to be published immediately.

Chen Duxiu is very attentive to network talents, but many of the talents studying in Japan do not have formal academic qualifications. Cai Yuanpei suggested that talents should be reduced without sticking to one pattern.

For such rare talents as Hu Shi, it should be hired even if they are exceptional. The first congress of Peking University was held, and Chen Duxiu explained the list of appointed liberal arts professors. This list was drawn up by Cai Yuanpei and him. There are three types of people in this list, one is well-known domestic people, the other is well-known international students who are about to return to China, and the third is people who have no formal academic qualifications but are really talented. .

Qian Xuantong was rather dissatisfied with still hiring die-hard professors who belonged to the royalist party, and was dissatisfied with seeing Gu Hongming and others. Cai Yuanpei said that gentlemen should be harmonious and different, and only new cultures can stand out. Chen Duxiu also pointed out that there is no problem with respecting Confucianism by learning, but you must be vigilant about respecting Confucianism by politics.

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