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Wife on Duty เมียจำเป็น Episode 9 Recap

Tawan (Pi-Rinrada) was imprisoned (X-Thitinan) and held in an abandoned hut in the middle of a rubber plantation. Sopit (Best – Chanidapa) told everyone that the sun ran away and disappeared. Dr. Pramote (Judo-Thammathat) and King Kaew (Mind-Warathaya) begin to doubt Sopit. But can’t do anything

Tong (Thunhirunsap) calls Sawai (Tuk-Yani) about Tawan being captured. Sawai is worried, hurry to go to Dong Jiw (Scene – Pastharakorn) therefore proposes Suthee (Bright – Rapeepong) to drive Sawai to Phuket. Javelin (Mai-Warit) cares for the sun so much that he cannot eat and cannot sleep.

The clip took the sun to the javelin. Making everyone understand that the sun was raped Dong urges everyone to keep the clip secret and not tell anyone. But King Kaew secretly brought it to you. Jiw and Sutee listened to Sawai’s pity for Javelin, but comforted the strength Batting revenge rather than needing money Saw a way to attack the javelin, to be hurt Therefore arranged for a javelin to meet him alone Without telling anyone

Yadfah (Pear-Pitchapha) wants to escape to play (Tui-Kiatkamon) and get close to the javelin. Seductive (Gig-Mayurin) collects clothes to go to the javelin house in Phuket

The play itself escaped in the rubber plantation of the Javelin. Yam (X-Chaturong) meets play Playfully said that it was the brother of the sky. He was thrown into trouble until he was dragged to find the sun with the ruffles. But when the time comes to the bat Javelin then secretly escaped to find the Javelin alone.

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