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Wife on Duty เมียจำเป็น Episode 8 Recap

Doctor Pramote (Judo-Thammtat) came to say that the (X-Thitinan) was shot because the Javelin (Wood-Warit) and Yam (X-Chaturong) were burned, causing none of the drug dealers. But he escaped from the hospital. Makes Tawan very worried. Tawan felt that he had a strange condition. Therefore requested to follow Dr. Pramote into the city to secretly buy a pregnancy examination Javelin, jealous at the sun, went to the doctor. The two of them quarreled and refused to speak to each other.

Batti is still very enraged, looking for a way to get it back, but accidentally meets Sophit (Best – Chanidapa) first, so I took Sophit away. He wanted Javelin to meet in exchange for Sophit. But Sophit proposed a new plan Release Sopit to help manage And then threatened to send the clip if Sopit betrayed him

When Sopit returned Sopit tried to do good things with Tawan to trust. But Tawan himself still does not trust Tawan went to check stock with Sopit And pretends to have a stomachache Tawan saw and took pity back, but Sopit put a nail on the sailboat, causing the car of Tawan to break. Sopit tricked the sun into walking together until he could But Sopit lost his way And accidentally yelled out Making Tawan realize that he was deceived Sopit’s plan is to capture the sun.

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