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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 28 Recap

The pictures of Sheng Huainan and Luoyang pulling and pulling are going viral on the school Internet, and many people are speculating about their relationship. Among the crazy bee waves and butterflies pursuing Sheng Huainan, Xu Riqing was the most receptive to Luo Zhi, and took advantage of the effort of eating to inquire about the progress between them, and successfully “drove away” Luo Zhi.

Luo Zhi only hoped that Sheng Huainan could be more sincere, so she was willing to give herself to the other side and tell Sheng Huainan that she was the girl outside the church back then. Such feelings were recorded on Weibo by Luo Zhi in a cryptic way, looking forward to one day Sheng Huainan could understand her feelings.

The alumni sharing session, Deng Ke, the chairman of the newly emerging convenience store chain, and the lawyer Gu Zhiye will come back to share the news of their experiences, so that the students are eager to dress up and participate in the sharing session. Sheng Huainan is the host, and the guests are invited by Gobi, they will naturally become the light of this sharing session.

Since Chen Yongle was suspected of plagiarism and was cancelled the first prize, no one was interested in the team project, but he was not discouraged. With the sound of Chen Mohan’s cello, the sharing session officially began, and Luo Zhi and Jiang Baili entered the venue with mutual encouragement.

After the performance, Gu Zhiye deliberately and inadvertently picked up her hair while passing by Chen Mohan, but the two sides did not stop because of this. Gobi pleased Chen Mohan all the way, but didn’t seem to care too much about such a humble episode.

Some people come here because of gossip, while others just break their heads just for a chance to stand up. Gu Zhiye shared his experience at the sharing meeting, but saw Zheng Wenrui carrying a suitcase full of awards, certificates, and even small red flowers from his childhood. Zheng Wenrui felt that with such a beautiful past, he could be competent for any company and received generous treatment, but he was awakened by Gu Zhiye’s cold water.

It is impossible for interviewers to have time to look through so many useless things. In addition to showing her own excellence, Zheng Wenrui’s resume does not have anything that can provide company value. It’s just a simple resume, and there are many doorways hidden in it, which makes the students can’t help feeling the difficulty of entering society.

At the sharing meeting, everyone was discussing Gobi and Chen Mohan, the golden boy and the girl. For Jiang Baili, these two people have run through her entire youth. No matter how painful and sad, Jiang Baili will insist on staying here. Watching them carefully is an explanation for her youth.

A piece of cake dropped both hands, and Gu Zhiye took the opportunity to strike up a conversation with Luo Zhi, who was ignored, and instead became interested in her. Gu Zhiye followed Luo Zhi, sat beside her, speculating about each other wantonly. Everyone here is highly recommending themselves, even if they succeed in gaining the eyes of an entrepreneur, the starting point after leaving school will be better than others.

The appearance that Luo Zhi was only interested in food at the sharing meeting attracted Gu Zhiye’s attention. Gu Zhiye took the initiative to take out a business card without a word, let Luo Zhi guess his occupation, and rewarded him with work and generous treatment, as well as a treat to share dinner with him.

Such a move seemed very boring to Luo Zhi, but Gu Zhiye perfectly guessed her profession, blood type and constellation, and successfully attracted Luo Zhi’s attention. Gu Zhiye is obviously a love veteran, knowing how to stop abruptly when the other party is most curious, and after this short chat, Luo Zhi also sees that the other party is a lawyer.

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