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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 27 Recap

Today is Christmas. Sheng Huainan listened to Zhang Mingrui’s call to Luo Zhi spend the holiday together. He immediately focused on it and decisively refused Zhang Mingrui’s request to help Luo Zhi carry luggage. After Luo Zhi left angrily, the suitcase was taken back to his dormitory by Sheng Huainan. Now this reason is the only way for him to see Luo Zhi again.

Sheng Huainan dragged the suitcase downstairs of the girls’ dormitory and asked Luo Zhi to go downstairs to pick up his luggage in person by playing a rogue. Although Luo Zhi’s mouth was disgusted, there was a trace of sweetness in his heart. Unexpectedly, Sheng Huainan would be so domineering.

After Christmas dinner, Luo Zhi left alone with Jiang Baili, so as not to make light bulbs for Zhang Mingrui and Xu Riqing. Zhang Mingrui came to a jewelry store specially, pointing to Xu Riqing’s favorite jewelry. He wanted to surprise her by magic, but Xu Riqing first opened his mouth to dislike that the jewelry was outdated.

Xu Riqing’s disgust made Zhang Mingrui not have the courage to send this carefully prepared gift again, but chose to conjure up a rose. Xu Riqing could not accept that the festival was sent away by a rotten rose, but Zhang Mingrui’s bag still contained the gift he had earned from two months of hard work, but this gift had to be returned.

In the ktv box, only Ye Zhanyan was drunk alone, but Li Dawei was willing to come from his hometown thousands of miles away. However, Li Dawei actually took advantage of Ye Zhanyan’s drunkenness and intended to forcibly occupy the other party. Fortunately, Zhuo Chen arrived in time to avoid a tragedy.

Zhuo Chen sent Ye Zhanyan home with an injured face. Although the flowers in his hand were made by themselves, they could not be sent. Instead, Ye Zhanyan took the initiative to accept Zhuo Chen’s flowers and specially went home to get the medical kit and give it to him.

On a new day, the student union was like a frying pan, because the Dutch greenhouse design team suspected that Chen Yongle copied their research results, which led to the cancellation of his first prize. Chen Yongle’s family is poor, and he all counts on the prize and honors he won in the first prize to bring a better living environment to his family.

At the same time, Chen Yongle has been staying in the student union and was also found, and was driven away by the teacher on the spot. The reason for all this is that Sheng Huainan’s team suspected Chen Yongle of plagiarism, which led to foreign countries to pay attention to his works and send a warning. Now Chen Yongle has nowhere to go, and his only way out has been blocked. Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi took the blame together and wanted to take the initiative to help Chen Yongle clear the suspicion of plagiarism.

In Sheng Huainan’s view, it was his impulsiveness that he only cared about Chen Yongle’s data similarities, but ignored the essential differences in the work. Luo Zhi has also obtained Chen Yongle’s project information and helped him apply for intellectual property rights.

Chen Yongle could not even afford the dormitory fee, so he was invited by Sheng Huainan to stay in his dormitory for one night. Zhang Mingrui, who originally shared the dormitory, had a deep disgust with Chen Yongle.

Unexpectedly, Chen Yongle heard that several people were not feeling well, and only by performing the blind massage skills passed down by his family was accepted by everyone.
Since Gobi pursued Chen Mohan, he has been served like a servant. Gobi looked at Chen Mohan’s perfect appearance in the sea breeze. For a while, he accidentally let the score in his hand fall into the sea, causing Chen Mohan to complain and did not care about Gobi, who was injured by jumping into the sea to fish for music.

At this moment, Gobi understood that in Chen Mohan’s heart, his status was not even as important as a score, which reminded him of Jiang Baili’s good. In this world, perhaps only Jiang Baili will regard the Gobi more important than herself.

Even if she broke up, Jiang Baili couldn’t help caring about Gobi’s every move. Even if he didn’t post Weibo for days, he had to worry about whether Gobi was in a bad mood. As long as it is about Gobi, Jiang Baili is always so attentive.

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