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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 20 Recap

With Gao Xiaotian’s consent, at night, Gu Simiao and Santo secretly pressed the button camera on the shutters of the villa. The camera returned very conclusive evidence. Gao Xiaotian planned to let Yin Zhihang bring the evidence to the court. For a search warrant, Yin Zhihang felt that no one had been in or out of this den. He felt that the core figure should not be in the den, or wait a while. Gao Xiaotian did not agree. He felt that Chen Fusheng’s bribery would not be successful and he would definitely take action. He decided to search after the warrant came.

Yin Zhihang and Wu Shengnan brought the evidence to Justice Tony, and Gao Xiaotian went to Luo Li for cooperation. In order to prevent the suspect from receiving news in advance, he hoped that Luo Li would find a few reliable people to keep secret with them. Upon arrival, he first controlled the suspects in the den, and then mobilized the police to escort them. Luo Li thought it was a good idea, so he agreed to Gao Xiaotian’s proposal, and Yin Zhihang and Wu Shengnan also successfully obtained the search warrant.

Chen Fusheng quickly learned from his eyeliner that the judge had signed a search warrant. He called to ask A Feng to come here at noon. But in the Vienna villa, Liu Boyi succeeded in defrauding Li Dongping’s money. He was too happy. So they went out with A Qiu to go shopping. Wei Zimeng saw someone go out and hurried to report. Wu Shengnan asked him to take a picture of the person and the license plate and hand it to the local police to arrest the person. As soon as Liu Boyi and Aqiu left, the police rushed to the Vienna Garden and arrested everyone in the den.

Gao Xiaotian took out the pictures of Liu Boyi, A Qiu and A Feng and asked the people present. Lu Xin and Xiaoyun recognized A Feng and told Gao Xiaotian that A Feng was the person in charge. After understanding the situation, Luo Li asked Gao Xiaotian when he planned to escort the suspects back. Gao Xiaotian said that he wanted to wait until Bo Liu came back. While Gao Xiaotian and others were waiting, Lu Xin and Xiaoyun asked to see Gao Xiaotian, saying that they were not involved in the fraud. Gao Xiaotian also asked Ali about the situation. Gao Xiaotian planned to investigate the situation of the two further. Differentiate them from others.

A Feng and Chen Fusheng met, and Chen Fusheng told him that the police had gone to the Vienna Garden to arrest people. Chen Fusheng thought, just give Gao Xiaotian a bit of sweetness and let him arrest people. When he returns to China, he will You can do whatever you want, but Ah Feng was very angry that Chen Fusheng did not discuss with him. At least he could arrange for a few key members to leave first, but Chen Fusheng said that Ah Feng was too young.

If someone left first, others would follow. In this way, his game will not be in vain. Chen Fusheng said that he had called point two and stopped work. Without his order, no action was allowed. At point one, that is, someone in the Vienna Garden knew A Feng, Chen Fusheng wanted to let A Feng go on vacation and wait for the limelight to pass. When he came back again, A Feng turned around so angry and left.

The ignorant Liu Boyi was still shopping in the mall. He suddenly remembered that he had not told Afeng about the 15 million yuan, so he called Afeng. Afeng learned that Liu Boyi was not in the villa. So let him and A Qiu play outside for a few more days, then hung up the phone. Liu Boyi and A Qiu did not come back for a long time, so Gao Xiaotian called Ali and asked Ali to call Liu Boyi, but both Liu Boyi and A Qiu’s cell phones were turned off.

Everyone waited until ten o’clock in the evening, and neither of them returned to the villa. Rory’s policeman already wanted to leave. Gao Xiaotian felt that this opportunity was a rare opportunity and he could not give up halfway, so he said Rory could take other people away, but he wanted to cook. Mother, Ali and Lu Xin Xiaoyun stayed, Luo Li agreed and said that he would stay with Gao Xiaotian. They waited for a day and did not wait for Liu Boyi Aqiu to return.

Gao Xiaotian asked the chef to continue ordering ingredients according to the plan, but what everyone did not expect was that their fight against telecom fraud made the headlines of the local newspaper. There was no point in waiting in the villa, Gao Xiaotian and Luo Li closed the team. Gao Xiaotian and the others not only exposed their actions this time, but also their identities. Gao Xiaotian decided to hold a local press conference in response to this incident.

Chen Fusheng’s wife, Miao Miao, also saw the headlines in the newspapers and showed Chen Fusheng the maternity report. She and Chen Fusheng’s children were diagnosed with congenital heart isolation injuries. Chen Fusheng couldn’t believe it and even said that Take the seedlings to Canada for production. A Feng’s friend Chang Sheng brought back the newspaper to A Feng. A Feng decided not to give his life to Chen Fusheng. He planned to cooperate with Chang Sheng and went out to do it alone. Chang Sheng also expressed support.

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