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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 19 Recap

Gu Simiao and Wei Zimeng continued to stare at Chen Liwei. Chen Liwei was about to go to the company after receiving the money. A Feng called Chen Liwei. According to reason, A Feng and Chen Liwei could not contact him directly, but A Feng said that he had something good. To tell Chen Liwei that he should meet him somewhere in the afternoon, Chen Liwei had to agree. Gu Simiao and Wei Zimeng followed Chen Liwei to a restaurant.

A Feng approached Chen Liwei in order to make Chen Liwei conceal his daily income from Chen Fusheng. They were far away and could not hear what A Feng and Chen Liwei were talking about. Gu Si Miao pretended to take a selfie and secretly took a picture of the two meeting. The two went to check A Feng’s identity information and found that A Feng had no job in the local area, and he changed hotels every day. The two of them went back and reported the situation, guessing that A Feng’s status in the fraud group is higher than that of Chen Liwei.

Wu Shengnan and Yin Zhihang returned to the station and told about Justice Tony’s refusal to sign the search warrant. Yin Zhihang told Gao Xiaotian that according to local law, they cannot enter the villa without a search warrant, but if the people inside come out, the police Feeling suspicious, he can ask questions. After Gao Xiaotian heard it, he had a plan in his mind, so he asked Yin Zhihang to book a hotel for himself, a little farther away from the station, but a little closer to the sea. After Yin Zhihang booked a hotel for Gao Xiaotian, Gao Xiaotian went to Chen Fusheng and invited Chen Fusheng as a guest.

After Li Dongping found out that he had no money in his bank card, he quickly called Liu Boyi. Liu Boyi continued to set up Li Dongping, saying that the illegal fund-raising case that Li Dongping participated in had new changes. Wan’s financial resources proved that Li Dongping only gave five million yuan, so there were so many things. Liu Boyi tricked Li Dongping into selling the celebrity calligraphy and paintings he collected, and made up the money. If he was reluctant, he would mortgage the celebrity calligraphy and painting. The auction house, when the case is over, Li Dongping can redeem it again.

He also lied to Li Dongping that the state would compensate for the expenses incurred in the process. Li Dongping was skeptical. Liu Boyi again emphasized that he was required to investigate Li Dongping’s situation within five days, and he also asked Li Dongping not to talk to any public prosecutors, prosecutors, and legal departments. Li Dongping was a little puzzled. For the sake of Dongping’s reputation.

Chen Fusheng quickly went to Gao Xiaotian’s as a guest. He asked about Gao Xiaotian’s recent business. Gao Xiaotian said that his work was already a bit brighter, and that his work plans were all on the whiteboard in the room. If Chen Fusheng is interested, you can show it to him. Gao Xiaotian uncovered the black cloth on the whiteboard, showed Chen Fusheng his record of handling the case, and revealed his true identity to Chen Fusheng, and deliberately told Chen Fusheng, I have identified the fraud den, which is located in Vienna Villa 8. Chen Fusheng was very calm on the surface and said that if Gao Xiaotian needs help, he can help too. Gao Xiaotian deliberately revealed his identity in order to make Chen Fusheng flustered. As long as Chen Fusheng moved, he would find a chance to search.

After meeting with Gao Xiaotian, Chen Fusheng and Gao Xiaotian were a little panicked. They quickly asked themselves if there was any definite news about the eyeliner in the court. The eyeliner said that although the judge did not issue a search warrant, Chen Fusheng had to be prepared. Chen Fusheng called A Feng again to let him pay attention to whether there was anything suspicious. On Gao Xiaotian’s side, he asked a few members of the working group to make peace with Xiao Hong, and stared at Vienna Villa 8.

When Chen Fusheng was running in the park, he deliberately acted in front of Gao Xiaotian in a scene of a heart attack. Gao Xiaotian hurriedly called an ambulance. The ambulance drove Chen Fusheng to the hospital. On the way, Chen Fusheng suddenly sat up. Request parking. After Gao Xiaotian returned to the premises, he told everyone that he had contacted the landlord of Villa No. 8 in Vienna.

The landlord was very cooperative with them and agreed to come back and cooperate with them to inspect the villa. Everyone was very happy. At this time, Gao Xiaotian received Chen Fusheng’s appointment with him again. Phone. Gao Xiaotian went to Chen Fusheng’s house. Chen Fusheng took out a box of cash and used Gao Xiaotian to save his life as an excuse to bribe Gao Xiaotian. Of course Gao Xiaotian refused, and beat Chen Fusheng with words and let him He had better surrender himself quickly.

Wu Shengnan and Xiao Hong rang the doorbell of Villa No. 8 together with Wang Qingwei, the landlord of Villa No. 8 in Vienna. Boyi Liu was a little flustered and asked what was wrong with Wang Qingwei. Wang Qingwei asked him to find something, and asked him to open the door as soon as Bo Liu opened the door. Shit, refused to open the door. Upon seeing this, Wu Shengnan no longer forced Wang Qingwei.

Seeing that it was impossible to enter the villa, Gu Simiao offered to stick a button camera on the glass to get first-hand evidence directly. Chen Fusheng was unable to bribe, so he asked A Feng to transfer quickly. He had already inquired clearly and knew that Gao Xiaotian had not cooperated with the police station, had no law enforcement power, and could not catch them. Chen Fusheng asked A Feng to find a good place and waited for him to say to move. Move again when

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