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Make My Heart Smile 扑通扑通喜欢你 Episode 20 Recap

Ye Weimian took the video and showed it to Gu Yanluo. Gu Yanluo didn’t want to make the video public for fear of hurting Hongyu’s self-esteem. As for the student union election, he didn’t want to suppress Hongyu, but won by his strength. Ye Weimian stared at Gu Yanluo affectionately, admitting that he liked him more and more. Ye Weimian decided to organize a charity event to vote for Gu Yanluola. Mu Ze, Lu Yao, and Zuo Sichen also participated. Everyone held a grand T-shirt charity sale on the campus. Amidst the laughter, the friendship between the few people became deeper. .

Mu Ze repaired the engine, but was injured and admitted to the doctor during the test drive. Lu Yao silently cared about Mu Ze. Inspired by Gu Yanluo, Ye Weimian wanted to open a clothing store. When she was looking for a store, she suffered from stomachache and was taken back to the studio by Zuo Sichen. Gu Yanluo rushed to pick up Ye Weimian, but Zuo Sichen accused Gu Yanluo of not taking care of Ye Weimian. Gu Yanluo warned Zuo Sichen to stay away from his girlfriend. Fang Meimei accidentally received a call from the doctor informing Ye Zhen to go to the hospital for review, and she was puzzled.

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