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Like dreaming (2021) 如夢令

Like dreaming
Other Title: 如夢令

Genres: drama, fantasy
40 episodes
Wu Qiang
Wang Shujing, Yang Shunzhou
Release Date: 
February 07, 2021
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  • He Hongshan
  • Wu Xize
  • He Yanwei
  • Gao Rongfang
  • Yang Yubin
  • Duan Xiaowei
  • Liu Yakun
  • Lu Xiaomeng
  • Wei Yu

The lord of Zhaohua City suddenly passed away, and the “Rumeng Ling”, which was passed down from generation to generation, which symbolized the lord of the city, also mysteriously disappeared. At this time, Zhaohua City had no leader, and the competition among the young masters became more and more intense. Grab the target. In the troubled situation, Baili Xingxuan, the daughter of the general Baili Wenlong, led her father to get the “Like a Dream Order” first.

However, the young master was in a hurry. In an emergency, Baili Xingxuan happened to meet the Escort. His daughter Su Yan married and replaced Su Yan as a bride. She married a wealthy businessman in Liangzhou City to help her family. She completely avoided the assassin’s pursuit and killed him. She also became a happy couple with Fu Ye, a well-known dandy son.

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