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Wife on Duty เมียจำเป็น Episode 7 Recap

Because of the effect of drugs that make Javelin (wood – Warit) and Tawan (Pi – Rinrada) both accidentally Javelin feels guilty trying to adjust his understanding with the sun. But Tawan was also troubled. Therefore asks Javelin to forget everything And just think that nothing happened to both of them.

Tawan takes Duan (Nong-Phonsuda) to eat out. Come meet Javelin with Sophit (Best Chanidapa) by chance, months when I guess the event out Said that he was a servant of the Tawan House But Sophit secretly wondered And collect data

Tawan opened a battle with Sopit by asking for Javelin to teach And act as intimate as well until javelin amazed at the changes of the sun But felt good and liked what the sun did But both of them were still intolerant of each other, not telling the truth in their hearts. That each person has a heart for each other

The real blue beads (Pear-Pitchapha) still plan to approach the javelin. And took the javelin back to be his groom And started banging away (Tui – Kiatkamon) played a threat to the sky that there was no way to escape. And began to work on the sky The workers at the rubber plantation were sick, suffering from fever and chills. Javelin raids, looking for evidence against them. (X-Thitinan) at an abandoned cabin in the forest

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