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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 25 Recap

When Luo Zhi was alone again, she took out the postcards that she had kept in her room. This was what she wanted to share with Sheng Huainan as an ambassador. After experiencing various changes, looking at the news from Sheng Huainan on the mobile phone, Luo Zhi suddenly realized that the original bitter mood could only be swallowed alone.

At the symposium celebration banquet, Gobi introduced Chen Mohan as his girlfriend. Unfortunately, within a few seconds of happiness, Chen Yongle brought Jiang Baili to the scene. Chen Yongle deliberately arranged Jiang Baili to be at the same table with Gobi, and then left on the grounds that he was busy, apparently deliberately putting Gobi together.

Because of Luo Zhi’s absence, Sheng Huainan has been depressed. He found an excuse for Jiang Baili to change to his side, and by the way, he was also asking about Luo Zhi’s situation. Sheng Huainan’s concern only exists in the words, and Jiang Baili has been dissatisfied for a long time. After all, when Luo Zhi fell ill, he was even worse than Zhang Mingrui.

Jiang Baili was angry at Sheng Huainan, but after leaving, he was stopped by Chen Mohan. Facing Chen Mohan’s proud declaration of sovereignty, Jiang Baili also no longer cowardly retreats, but only she herself knows how true this courage is.

Sheng Huainan reflected on Yu Jiang Baili’s words, and then recalled that Zhu Yan had relayed Luo Zhi’s love for him, and Sheng Huainan suddenly realized how difficult it was to let a person understand his own mind. Thousands of miles away, there is no need to appeal, Sheng Huainan immediately decided to rush to Harbin, facing Luo Zhi to show his sincerity.

The original lush woods were covered with snow, and Luozhi family had financial difficulties, so his father’s ashes could only be scattered under one of the trees. No matter how difficult the life is, Luo Zhi’s mother no longer desires. Now she only wants her daughter to be happy. She hopes that her daughter can bravely pursue the love in her heart without bearing the grudges of the previous generation.

Because Luo Zhi’s phone was suddenly damaged, the conversation with Sheng Huainan came to an abrupt end. After thinking about it, she finally did not choose to call back. Sheng Huainan couldn’t contact Luo Zhi for a while, and was worried, so he hurriedly came to Zhenhua to try his luck, hoping to meet her here.

A familiar voice came from behind, but Ye Zhanyan stood behind Sheng Huainan. No matter what method Ye Zhanyan uses, she can no longer impress Sheng Huainan and her to talk more, even if she has decided to study abroad. However, they also seem to have an intricate relationship between them. Ye Zhanyan mentioned Zhu Yan and finally let Sheng Huainan go to the cafe together.

Ye’s father once pursued Zhu Yan for his own personal gain and caused the other party to be expelled from the house. Ye Zhanyan’s mother also suffered from depression because of her husband’s cheating and eventually passed away. Ye Zhanyan believed that Luo Zhi, who also had grudges with the Sheng family, would not end up with him emotionally.

Rarely back to Harbin, Luo Zhi sent the phone to Zhenhua after repairing. Although he missed Sheng Huainan, he met Ding Shuijing by chance. When the two talked about things in Luoyang, they liked to know the so-called understanding, none of them were used to manipulate their lover, but how many people could smile and bless their lover to be in harmony with others.

Sheng Huainan didn’t care about the grievances before. He believed in Luo Zhi’s sincerity, and Ye Zhanyan’s words didn’t seem to have any effect. In the noisy square, the balloons flew freely to the sky, allowing Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi to see each other close at hand.

Luo Zhi retrieved the phone accompanied by Sheng Huainan, watched the multiple messages of concern sent by the other party, and then looked at the figure outside the window. Perhaps at this moment, her heart was already soft again. Sheng Huainan aggrieved and innocently asked Luo Zhi to accompany him to dinner, but the original atmosphere was once again broken by Ye Zhanyan’s message.

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