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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 18 Recap

When Yin Jia’s Yijing and Linglong’s stone necklace collided, Linglong was in Yin Jia’s memory, where she was Yin Jia. She seemed to have experienced all Yin Jia’s unwillingness and pain, knowing that Huotuke was The one who was framed watched Huo Tuke being questioned. In the end, Huo Tuke pointed at the location of his heart and died, and Yin Jia’s heart was hung with the Yijing Huo Tu Ke prepared for her. They were stored there. All good memories.

With such a memory, or resentment, Yin Jia spent five hundred years in the Yan Palace. Yuan Tu buried the entire fire-weaving clan in order to consolidate the spirit stone. They were trapped in the fire-weaving and earth-fire entanglement for generations. However, in Linglong’s view, fighting the earth fire is the glory of the fireweaver.

Huo Tuke’s gift to Yin Jia Yijing is probably not for her to remember her hatred for revenge, just like if Linglong encounters these things, Huo Tu Xin will definitely not She is willing to give up her life for revenge. Moreover, even if Yin Jia killed Yuan Yi, would Huo Tu Ke get rid of his grievances? No, Yin Jia had nothing to gain except for the crime of one more king slayer. But Yuanyi might still have a chance when he survives. He is not the kings of the past. He is eager to have a new look in his hands, and he will definitely vindicate this grievance.

Yin Jia not only laughed when she heard this, she brought Linglong to the front of Ye Jingzhu, no one knew how many dead gods were buried here, the gods were parasitic in the girl’s body, when the girl was really swallowed, it was Linglong. Dead time. The divine lord has always been just a loyal dog of the Yuan clan. Any god above all is a guise to lure everyone into believing the royal family Yuan clan. They are the puppets of the Yuan clan, and the divine lords under the Ye Jing are the victims. Yuantu uses the earth fire here to kill the gods, so that the god master exists only in the myth, and the power is in his own hands. This is the cruel truth behind the god master.

Huo Tu Xin did not find Linglong after searching for a circle. Instead, he found Weisheng inkstone. Hearing Wu Yuan said that Weisheng inkstone could save Linglong. All Huo Tuxin only wanted Weisheng inkstone to save Linglong even if he was a cow and a horse. At that time Jin’er came to the Flame Palace under the guidance of Weisheng inkstone, and now it is Linglong’s turn to come here. Weisheng inkstone says that only Yin Jia can save Linglong. These relationships become more complicated, but as long as it concerns Linglong, Huo Tu Xin can’t be ignored, Linglong’s hope is in the hands of Weisheng Yan, so even if he wants Huo Tu Xin to pave the way for him at this moment, Huo Tu Xin is willing to be trampled on by others.

In fact, Huo Tu Xin is useless to Weisheng Yan, he only needs Huo Tu Xin to stay away from Yinzhuang. Yin Xiao still found Yin Jia at this moment. If her sister is here, he will not leave. Even if she is trapped in this palace of flames, she will not leave her for half a step. At this moment, Yin Zhuang’s expression suddenly appeared and she persuaded her brother to go quickly, but The silver makeup disappeared in the next second, and Yin Jia’s expression was completely different. How Yin Jia played with this body, Yin Xiao couldn’t do anything, this was the saddest place.

Huo Tu Xin finally met Linglong on Bishengzhu. Linglong had already figured out a way, perhaps taking risks, but perhaps he could save Yuanyi and Yinzhuang. The necklace on Yin Jia’s chest was the crux of it. It was all her consciousness. As long as the memory in the necklace was broken, Yin Jia would no longer exist. Before Huo Tuxin and the others acted, Weisheng Yan had already found Yin Jia with a gift. Her Yijing necklace is very old, and it is very unreliable to bump into it later.

Weisheng Yan has specially created a water-fire-proof piece. The necklace was used to protect Yi Jing. When she was replaced, Wei Sheng Yan took out the dagger in his pocket and pierced Yi Jing. Those good memories and Yin Jia disappeared together with silver makeup. Falling into Weishengyan’s arms, maybe he really loves silver makeup, so he is willing to do these things.

In the main hall of Yan Palace, in front of Yuan Yi, Linglong picked up Yin Xiao’s sword and stabbed herself. Even if she was treated as a monster, she had to rescue Yuan Yi and become a monster again. When Huo Tu Xin arrived, he saw Linglong throw it away. With a stone necklace on her neck, when the sword pierced her, she became a god and saved Yuan Yi who was demented, and then fainted to the ground.

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