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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 17 Recap

The tunnels of the Flame Palace are winding like a maze. It is very difficult to walk. Huo Tu Xin and Yin Zhuang are a group. He naturally wants to protect Yin Zhuang. The moment he stretched out his hand to hold Yin Zhuang, he realized what was there. Where something was wrong, Yinzhuang handed him his hand, and the two of them held hands and walked forward. Halfway through Hutu Xin, I really felt that something was wrong, as an excuse to leave for a while, hiding alone in a corner and panting. Yinzhuang carefully looked at the fireworks under Yanzhuang, and suddenly a hand pushed her straight down from behind. It was Wuyuan. Yin Xiao immediately felt that something happened to Yinzhuang.

After removing the slender white clothes, changing into bright red clothes, a necklace with a spar floats on the neck of silver makeup. Although it is the same face, the temperament of the whole person is different from that of silver makeup. She walked across the palace road, came to Yuanyi and Linglong, and led them to the main hall of Yangong. Wu Yuan and Huo Tu Xin met, and seeing his stinky expression, Huo Tu Xin thought Wu Yuan was still mad at him and Yin Zhuang, but the bowl of rice was made of Yin Zhuang, so I had to forgive him. Is it right?

Yinzhuang talked strangely, saying many things that Linglong had never heard of, and also said many things that Linglong had never told her, such as the Yuantu Emperor back then, and the power of the god in her body was suppressed by foreign objects, only It was really uneasy to learn about this just by looking at the stone worn on Linglong’s neck. After Huo Tu Xin came back, there was no silver makeup or Linglong, only Wuyuan was by his side. At this moment, a silver makeup in a red dress suddenly appeared. Just like what the guidance Yuan Yishi said, they were all to follow the light and go. Flame Palace Hall.

When Wu Yuan saw the red dress and silver makeup, he immediately became vigilant, but Huo Tu Xin had to rush forward stupidly. How could he not understand that today, except for Linglong, everyone will die. This is also the hand of Weisheng Yan. It was arranged, because only Weisheng Yan could control Linglong, and now he was going up to die, and Wuyuan tried his best to stop him. Although Huo Tu Xin believed in Wu Yuan, he would not leave it alone where Linglong was.

Like everyone else, Yinxiao was guided by the silver makeup and followed the lights all the way to the hall. The hall of the fire-weaving clan was comparable to Zhaodu. I wanted to come to it at that time and it was also prosperous at that time, and it also possessed Jinshicheng that was beyond the reach of future generations. , That was once the supreme dynasty. Perhaps it is the same as Yuanyi’s pursuit of Shinto. They are desperate to pursue the spiritual stone. In this way, what is the difference between Lai Yuanyi and Huotuke, their desires have become catastrophic. begin.

Yinzhuang also appeared in the hall as scheduled. She was no longer Yinzhuang, but Yinjia, the ancestor of the Yin family. She tricked Yuan Yi into the hall. When Yuan Yi sat on the throne in the middle, the black vine silk behind him invaded his Mind, Yuan Yi’s eyes were black, like an ignorant stone man. In this way, Yin Jia took advantage of his unpreparedness to control Yuan Yi, and the others present did not dare to act rashly. Sudden trouble starts with a love story five hundred years ago.

Huotuke, the ancestor of the fire weaving, and Yin Jia, the ancestor of the Yin family, are in love. For the Yin family, Yin Jia is a name that does not belong to the family, but for the fire weaving, that person is redemption. At that time, the royal family Yuan clan held a ground fire trial, and put the charge of igniting ground fire on Huo Tuke. Yin Jia could kill his father and enter the execution ground for Huo Tuke, but Huo Tuke was ultimately defined as a crime by today’s people. People, beloved, have become sinners who have been stinking for thousands of years. For this reason, Yin Jia’s consciousness has not disappeared in five hundred years, the memory that exists in her item.

Everyone here can hardly hurt Yin Jia. The Yin Jia’s ancestor’s mind technique was so good that Linglong was hung in the air and almost suffocated. Yin Xiao didn’t dare to act rashly, because Yin Jia used Yin Zhuang’s body, and the others waited. It is only for people to take advantage of it. Yuan Yi is just a victim of this sin. It is the Emperor Yuan Tu, the ancestor of Yuan Yi who really provoked this bloody storm. The reason why Weisheng Yan helped Yin Jia was of course only an exchange of interests. He obtained from Yin Jia a combination spirit stone that many people were eager for, that is, a combination spirit stone that could kill the gods.

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