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Wife on Duty เมียจำเป็น Episode 6 Recap

After going through the stories Come together a lot. In the end, Tawan (Pie-Rinrada) started to get along with you little (Kate-Marilyn) had little to thank and apologize for having done bad things with Tawan Jawon (Mai-Warit) I am glad that the two began to understand each other. But Tawan felt guilty for deceiving everyone. Including Javelin and Sun become more connected

But the sun had to resist because the javelin belonged to the suns of the sky (Pear – Pitchapha) is not Sopit (Best – Chanidapa) has a chance to pretend to the sun. By allowing Tawan to help work contact foreign customers This is the reason that the unaware Tawan has received a large number of customer orders until it was produced in time Javelin is very angry at causing damage to work, but Tong (Thunhirunsap) adjusts understanding for everyone to work together to find a solution.

Sutee (Bright – Rapeepong) saw Javelin and Javelin is the owner of the factory in which he works. Therefore confident that Javelin is someone whom the Sun has to marry as Jiw (Scene – Pastharakorn) had previously said that Javelin came to travel with Sophit, accidentally encountered a play (Tui-Kiatkamol) and the blue sky, which Javelin had always understood that the blue sky was the sun.

Javelin almost lost its way to the sky Well, Sopit Patomon went back first. Sophit takes Javelin to deliver his home without knowing that the Javelin has been drugged by the sky. Javelin delirious, called only wife’s name … Yad Fa

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