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Wife on Duty เมียจำเป็น Episode 5 Recap

Dr. Pramote (Judo-Thammathat) met Tawan (Pie-Rinrada) was born. And saw that Tawan was a beautiful person, good-hearted doctor, polite and out of concern for the sun until Javelin (Mai-Warit) secretly jealous

And the wedding day of Tawan and Javelin came to Yadfa house (Pear-Pitchapha) raised as a relative on the bride side. But when Yadfa met that javelin, it suddenly changed his mind, wanting to be a bride by herself Until there was chaos in the dressing room

On the day of your wedding, little (Kate-Marin Lin) began to lean towards the west to draw a picture for the sun But there was chaos in the middle of the work while the sun bowed down to talk to Khun Noi And the moment to stand up, the sun’s bustling wedding dress dropped Everyone thinks that Khun Noi is determined to do it because he doesn’t like the sun. In addition, when investigating, it was found that the dress had already been cut, making it easy to be torn.

Kingkaew (Mind-Warathaya) said that Khun Noi was the one to take the wedding dress to look before the event. Javelin asked her sister. Until Khun Little was hurt and walked into the sea But the sun follows to help you little at sea But himself fell asleep Javelin went to help both of them. And try to save the sun

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