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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 17 Recap

Kudi Liuli was officially working at the Shangfu Bureau. Because the silk thread sent by the in-house attendant was too thin, Zhuo Jinniang wanted to send someone to the West Market to buy thicker silk thread. When I went to buy, the embroidered ladies were very dissatisfied and discussed in private.

Kudi Liuli came to Zhuo Jinniang and wanted to change back to her original seat. She also took the initiative to hand over the purchase to other embroidered women. Zhuo Jinniang made it clear that Shangfu Bureau was a place to eat by her ability and advised her not to be a bad person. Kudi Liuli just wanted to be a errand, Zhuo Jinniang remembered An’s once said something like this, and ended up in such a ruined family and ruined tragic end that even her daughter could not protect her.

Kudi Liuli heard Zhuo Jinniang cursing her mother so viciously, she forcibly endured her grief and anger, and calmly asked her about the cause of her mother’s death. Zhuo Jinniang did not allow her to inquire about her, and sent her away in a few words. Cudi Liuli secretly swore To find out the truth, return the mother’s innocence. Kudi Liuli went out to buy from the palace early in the morning. She first went home to see A Ni.

The two reunited after a long absence, and the excitement was beyond words. Kudi Liuli didn’t want to see his uncle An Shiro, worried that he would not let himself go back to the palace, Kudi Liuli wanted to avenge his mother, and there were Wu talented people, Sun Decheng and Xiao Shunzi to take care of him. A Ni listened to her in a relaxed tone. There was a worry in her heart.

Knowing that after returning to the palace, Kudi Liuli would not have a chance to wear women’s clothing, so he asked A Ni to help put on her daughter’s delicate makeup and put on a beautiful dress. Ku Di Liuli brought A Ni to Si Men Xue, wanting to face Pei Xingjian to make amends and withdraw the complaint, but when Pei Xingjian and Xue Xu did not come today, Ku Di Liuli left a letter explaining the situation.

A Ni accompanies Kudi Liuli on the street, Pei Xingjian rides to Simenxue, Kudi Liuli is trying to play with a mask, and the two pass by. Kudi Liuli saw a face like Pei Xingjian, and A Ni bought it to her on the spot. Pei Xingjian came to Simenxue and received the letter from Ku Di Liuli. He hurried to chase after him on horseback. At the gate of the palace, he saw a man dressed as a servant enters. Pei Xingjian shouted to Xiaodouzi. That person did not look back. got the wrong person.

Pei Xingjian was dejected and just about to leave, and met Ku Di Liuli head-on. Ku Di Liuli bought a lot of things and was about to return to the palace. Pei Xingjian was surprised. A carriage rushed up suddenly and was about to hit Kudi Liuli. Pei Xingjian hugged her desperately, and she was spared. Kudi Liuli broke free from her embrace, and repeatedly apologized to Pei Xingjian, who felt that she owed her a favor.

Pei Xingjian learned from Li Zhi’s guard, Hua Tian, ​​that someone wanted to poison Ku Di Liuli, worried that she would be in danger again, and wanted to ask the prince to release her from the palace. Ku Di Liuli could not leave the palace for the time being. She has important things that have not been done yet. Pei Xingjian didn’t ask too much, and gave her the dagger to defend herself. Pei Xingjian and Ku Di Liuli reluctantly said goodbye.

Pei Xingjian looked at Kudi Liuli’s back, and was sighing in his heart. He shouted at Kudi Liuli and repeatedly told her to stay away from Queen Cao and her son, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. Kudi Liuli remembered them one by one. Ku Di Liuli returned to his residence, took out two clay figurines, and simulated the dialogue between her and Pei Xingjian. Ku Di Liuli gradually became attached to Pei Xingjian in his heart.

Pei Xingjian learned from the general Mo Kun that Li Ming sent Chen Canjun to carry a batch of armor into Beijing when transporting the paper rolls. He sent Huatian to report to Li Zhi. Li Zhi decided to study in the four schools, come and get personal stolen goods. . Mo Kun escorted the paper rolls into Beijing. He felt sick with diarrhea along the way. Chen Shenjun suspected that Mo Kun was sent by Li Zhi. He deliberately dropped a tent so that Mo Kun would live with them so as to monitor Mo Kun’s. Every move.

In the middle of the night, Mo Kun was asleep in the tent. Chen Canjun quietly took people out to pick up the goods. Before leaving, he put a few soybeans beside Mo Kun. Mo Kun saw the whole process of Chen Canjun receiving the goods from the crack of the door. . Chen Canjun came to the tent and found that the soybean had been trampled on, and guessed that Mo Kun had discovered their actions.

Hua Tian came to Pei Xingjian to convey Li Zhi’s order early in the morning. Today, the car carrying the paper rolls will enter Beijing, and Hua Tian stayed to cooperate with Pei Xingjian. The convoy carrying the paper rolls entered the city of Chang’an mightily, and Mo Kun secretly came to the small alley to see Pei Xingjian, and told Chen Canjun about receiving the armor at the campsite. Pei Xingjian took Hua Tian to squat outside the warehouse of the four schools, and only waited for Li Zhi to bring people there, and found evidence of Li Ming’s rebellion on the spot.

Xue Xu came to the warehouse early and arranged for someone to put the paper rolls and armor in the warehouse. Chen Canjun quietly called Xue Xu aside. They planned to put a batch of armor in the warehouse and wanted to frame Li Zhi. Xue Xu suspected that Pei Xingjian was Li. Chen Shenjun asked Xue Xu to go outside and stare at the internal response of the treatment. Wu Cairen heard that Li Zhi was going to impeach Li Ming in public today. She was anxious and wanted to stop Li Zhi immediately, but it was too late. She could only ask Li Shimin for peace first, and then act by chance.

Chen Canjun sent someone to put all the paper rolls and armor in the warehouse, and gave Mo Kun the key to the warehouse under the pretext that he was not in charge. Xue Xu informed Master Zhang to pick up the scrolls stored here at the time of application. Mo Kun did not allow him to enter the door. Pei Xingjian hurried over to help Mo Kun and persuaded Master Zhang to pick it up after an hour. Master Zhang asked Pei Xingjian to write on the spot. A piece of paper.

The more Pei Xingjian thought about it, the more things went wrong, so he took Huatian and Mo Kun into the warehouse to check, and found that there were several boxes of armor, and “East” was embroidered on them, which was the meaning of Li Zhi, the Prince of the East Palace. Chen Canjun and Xue Xu both hid, deliberately gave the key to Mo Kun, and deliberately called Master Zhang to witness, which clearly meant that they wanted to frame Li Zhi.

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