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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 16 Recap

Li Zhi rescued Kudi Liuli and thanked her for buying an adventure letter. Kudi Liuli once again returned to the familiar Buluyuan, Xiao Guizi and Xiao Fuzi cheered happily, Xiao Shunzi saw Kudi Liuli, and couldn’t help being sad and happy. Sun Decheng came after hearing the news and saw Kudi Liuli standing alive. In front of my eyes, weeping with excitement.

Sun Decheng and Xiao Shunzi were stunned when they learned that Li Zhi had saved Kudi Liuli. Sun Decheng couldn’t wait to let Kudi Liuli go out of the palace. She determined not to leave and wanted to stay to avenge her mother. Kudi Liuli clearly remembered the eleventh. A year ago, the maid of the Shangfu Bureau asked her mother to modify her coat. The stitches used to embroider Zhai Bird’s eyes were exactly the same as Zhuo Jinniang’s. Ku Di Liuli believed that Zhuo Jinniang was the murderer of her mother.

Xiao Shunzi couldn’t bear it, so she told Zhuo Jinniang’s crimes of planting and framing An’s one by one. Ku Di Liuli gritted her teeth with anger and vowed to go to the Shangfu Bureau to find out the truth and avenge her mother. Xiao Guizi wanted to take money to buy a chicken for Ku Di Liuli to celebrate, only to realize that his money was missing. Sun Decheng suspected Wei Lin’s actions and asked Xiao Guizi to look through his luggage.

Xiao Guizi pulled out Wei Lin’s purse from the box and found that there were many treasures hidden inside, not only Xiao Guizi’s silver, but also the jade pendant Kudi Liuli gave to Xiao Shunzi, and the relic left by An’s Kudi Liuli, Ku Di Liuli realized that she had wronged Pei Xingjian. Xiao Guizi suddenly remembered that Wei Lin had inquired about Ku Di Liuli’s love to eat sweet-scented osmanthus cakes. Ku Di Liuli believed that it was Wei Lin who had sent the poisoned osmanthus cakes to the cell. He did not expect to poison the fat jailer by mistake.

At this moment, someone sent Wei Lin’s body back. He committed suicide by jumping into the lake in fear of sin. Sun Decheng suddenly understood everything. Wei Lin did too much evil and was killed by the murder. Pan Neiji reported to Li Zhi about Wei Linxia’s poisoning of Ku Di Liuli, and Wei Lin’s numerous crimes of stealing things from the palace with dirty hands and feet. Pan Neiji repeatedly confessed to Li Zhi, but Li Zhi did not pursue it.

It turned out that after Wei Lin poisoned Ku Di Liuli and missed, Zhuo Jinniang was worried that the matter would be revealed, and the idea of ​​harming him had long germinated. Zhuo Jinniang led Wei Lin to the lake and deliberately threw the handkerchief into the lake, asking Wei Lin to help her fish. When she came back, she kicked Wei Lin off the lake while she was not prepared, and watched Wei Lin sink into the bottom of the lake before leaving.

Since Wei Lin’s death, Zhuo Jinniang has been uneasy, not allowing Deng Qiniang to mention Wei Lin, always worried that Wei Lin’s ghost will seek revenge, and she frightened Liushen Wuzhu. Pan Nei Attendant had warned Zhuo Jinniang in advance that she was not allowed to attack Wei Lin. Zhuo Jinniang would not listen at all, and would kill Wei Lin. The Shangfu Bureau was ordered to make new clothes for the imperial concubines. Wu Cairen and Yang Fei’s clothes collided. Zhuo Jinniang asked Abi to change Wu Cairen’s color. Abi asked casually. Zhuo Jinniang yelled at her.

Kudi Liuli thought about it again and again, she came to the Shangfu Bureau to report to her calmly. Zhuo Jinniang told her the rules of the Shangfu Bureau and warned her not to make mistakes, otherwise she would lose her life. Zhuo Jinniang arranged for Kudi Liuli to sit. In the last position, she also showed her true abilities for everyone to see. Abi offered to compete with Kudi Liuli. Zhuo Jinniang gave a ruthless word. If Kudi Liuli wins the game, she will arrange her to give her favorite concubine. If she loses, she will go back to Buluyuan.

Kudi Liuli secretly vowed to win the game, Zhuo Jinniang asked the two of them to embroider a pillow before dark. Abi was determined to win. She methodically traced the pattern of the vase of flowers, and then began to embroider. Ku Di Liuli kept staring at the potted flowers in a daze, and she was too slow to write. Deng Qiniang couldn’t help but sweat for her. Kudi Liuli thought hard for a long time and finally began to paint.

Abi and Kudi Liuli finished the embroidery on time, Zhuo Jinniang praised that Abi’s embroidery was lifelike, Kudi Liuli opened her embroidery, and there was a bright oiran among the stars in the moon, Zhuo Jinniang couldn’t help but shine. Zhuo Jinniang immediately decided to let Ku Di Liuli stay in the Shangfu Bureau and put her seat in the front. The embroidered women were very dissatisfied and discussed in private.

Ku Di Liuli thanked Deng Qiniang for her great help and promised to do her best to help her in the future, but Deng Qiniang didn’t appreciate it. When Ku Di Liuli came to the Shangfu Bureau, she stole the limelight and was worried that she would be in danger of raising a tiger. Li Zhi’s servant Yunhai arranged a secluded residence for Kudi Liuli, and Kudi Liuli was very satisfied.

Because the silk thread sent from the palace was too thin, Zhuo Jinniang wanted to send someone to the West Market to buy some thick silk thread. The embroiderers were all eager to try. Zhuo Jinniang sent Kudi Liuli to buy. Kudi Liuli didn’t want to make too many enemies. She came to Zhuo Jinniang to ask for a seat adjustment, and took the initiative to hand over the purchase to other embroidered women. Zhuo Jinniang made it clear that the Shangfu Bureau was a place where she could eat by her skills and advised her not to do it. Good bad guy, Kudi Liuli just wanted to be a good errand. Zhuo Jinniang remembered that An’s once said something like this, and ended up in such a tragic end that even her daughter could not be protected.

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