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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 24 Recap

Ye Zhanyan couldn’t believe that she could give up all her eyes and praise, and Sheng Huainan who cared most, to Luo Zhi, but if she had the opportunity to choose again, she would still do it. It’s just a pity that she had done her previous homework, especially a poem in the English translation. Ye Zhanyan wanted to recite it in public, but now she has no chance.

As a science student, Zhuo Chen is full of equations. The only way he can think of is to bring Ye Zhanyan to the high platform in front of the playground and encourage him to use it as a stage. Such behavior is undoubtedly naive in Ye Zhanyan’s heart, but Zhuo Chen who is with her today is also special.

When Ye Zhanyan heard Zhuo Chen recite aloud behind him and read the beautiful poems into emotionless sentences, he finally turned his head. The light behind Ye Zhanyan hit her. At this moment, she set off her more pure and beautiful, and it made it difficult for Zhuo Chen to look away. After the recitation, Ye Zhanyan received the sincere applause from the students who stopped on the playground, which also made her lost heart full of vitality again.

Emotional matters cannot always be treated rationally, just as Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi can’t find the best solution for love, no matter how good their grades are. When Luo Zhi looked at the photos taken by Jiang Baili at the forum, it became a picture of her and Sheng Huainan, and they circled them with love. Although Luo Zhi was disgusted, he was reluctant to delete it.

For a family like Luo Zhi, the IELTS test is like a leap that can give birth to wings, but for people born with a good family, it is just icing on the cake. Even Luo Zhi couldn’t help thinking about the unfairness of life, but she never envied it.

Christmas is approaching, Zhang Mingrui lamented that it was too shabby to invite Luo Zhi to dinner before, and wanted to invite her again on Christmas. Every time I get along with Zhang Mingrui, Luo Zhi always feels particularly comfortable, just like being with her family to relax her body and mind. It is a pity that Luo Zhi had other arrangements for Christmas, so he could only decline Zhang Mingrui’s kindness.

Luo Zhi had already boarded the car back to Harbin, and unknowingly Sheng Huainan was still looking forward to her coming to the symposium to celebrate the achievement. Early in the morning, Sheng Huainan got up and dressed up carefully, and invited the three brothers in the dormitory to come together, so as to help him make more matches.

The four brothers in the dormitory arrived outside the cruise ship early, each with a pair of sunglasses, waiting like a terminator for Luo Zhi’s arrival. But when Gobi arrived on time, Sheng Huainan realized that Luo Zhi could not come because of something. Even the news was only sent to Gobi instead of himself. He became more worried about whether Luo Zhi was deliberately avoiding him.

At the moment, Luo Zhi is enjoying his family relationship at home, spending lunch with his mother and Luoyang mother and son, spending a rare leisure time. The two brothers and sisters had time to be alone so they could say a few thoughtful words. Luo Zhi couldn’t understand that Luoyang only regarded marriage as an explanation to Chen Jing.

In Luoyang’s heart, even if he is not reconciled, he must tell himself that this marriage is a responsibility that a man must bear. Even when Luoyang discussed Ding Shuijing, Luoyang’s eyes were full of dissatisfaction and sadness. Perhaps his heart had changed a long time ago, and Chen Jing was only left with family affection.

Sheng Huainan, who was at the celebration banquet, still did not give up, and even wondered if Gobi deliberately prevented Luo Zhi from coming in order to prevent Jiang Baili from appearing. It seems that Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi have changed completely now, and he can finally realize the bitterness of Luo Zhi’s secret love.

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