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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 23 Recap

Gobi and Jiang Baili were in the night school together. On the way to buy supper together, the two naturally rushed and chased and played together. It’s a pity that Gobi’s unintentional words reminded each other of the unhappy experience of breaking up last time, and only then returned to each other’s speechless appearance.

The accounts are still being sorted, and Luo Zhi has been trapped in a small tent for too long, and he will inevitably go out and move his body. Sheng Huainan took this opportunity to follow out of the tent, hoping to get along with Luo Zhi again. But since that “severe torture to extract a confession”, any relationship with Sheng Huainan has been like dancing on a sharp knife to Luo Zhi.

Luo Zhi solemnly and solemnly rejected Sheng Huainan’s request without seeing any disappointment or pain, and even specifically emphasized that this was not a lie or a routine. Sheng Huainan’s previous actions have hurt Luo Zhi and left a deep mark on her heart. Obviously, Luo Zhi no longer has any illusions and expectations for this relationship.

After a busy day and night, the project was finally completed, and it was long expected that Chen Yongle would take credit for himself. However, two seats were vacated by VIP at the forum. In order to express gratitude to Luo Zhi and Jiang Baili, these two tickets became a thank you gift.

Luo Zhi looked at the washed yellow raincoat in the drawer of the dormitory, and chose to take it and return it to its owner. When I dropped by to return the book, I met Sheng Huainan, and Luo Zhi returned the raincoat to the other party. Since the last unhappy break, Luo Zhi left first every time, never greedy for Sheng Huainan’s back.

Sheng Huainan was unwilling to catch up, and repeatedly apologized to Luo Zhi, but was unwilling to explain the reason for his erratic behavior. Since he couldn’t get the answer, Luo Zhi didn’t intend to ask further, turning around and leaving again.

Sheng Huainan didn’t know how many times Luo Zhi had watched him leave his back. Until today, Sheng Huainan had experienced this feeling firsthand. Seeing Luo Zhi leaving behind, Sheng Huainan wanted to catch up and wanted to apologize again for breaking her heart, but the thin apology was not what Luoyang wanted.

Mo Dan’s new book seminar, because the interview manuscript was prepared by Luo Zhi, and Ye Zhanyan had no deep understanding of Mo Dan and his works at all, which caused Mo Dan to be disappointed again by this visit. Mo Dan hopes that this new book release will be an in-depth interview, which makes Sheng Huainan and others immediately think of Luo Zhi.

Regardless of Ye Zhanyan’s opposition and unwillingness, everyone insisted on finding Luo Zhi to save the field. The symposium has already begun, and Chen Mohan will play a song as the beginning, which also gives them some preparation time. Sheng Huainan offered to change the host to Mo Dan, and Gobi also successfully asked Luo Zhi for help.

Even if it was to have a good interview experience for the idol in his heart, Luo Zhi would agree to help, but Ye Zhanyan was willing to put aside his prejudice and selfishness, and took the initiative to dress up Luo Zhi, and gave the two prepared interview clothes to Luo Zhi and Sheng. Huainan. This was the first time Ye Zhanyan took the initiative to send other women to Sheng Huainan, watching Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan leave together.

At the symposium, Mo Dan was very pleased to have Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi interview each other. They also discussed some in-depth issues with each other. Under Mo Dan’s inquiry, they learned about each other’s views on love. Luo Zhi longed for the loyalty and honesty of the albatross towards love, and would not use routines and lies to deceive people, and even took the opportunity to playfully insinuate Sheng Huainan.

The symposium was very successful and the dorm sisters held a small celebration party for Luo Zhi. However, Ye Zhanyan secretly hurt herself under Zhuo Chen’s comfort. She didn’t expect that she would have such a generous day. She would personally give the opportunity to stand beside Sheng Huainan, so she handed over to Luo Zhi.

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