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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 18 Recap

Li Dongping opened the website of the so-called public security agency sent by Liu Boyi. He saw his name and identity information on the list involved in the case. He was panicked and quickly called Liu Bo. When I saw Li Dongping got the bait, I felt a little proud, and started to do Li Dongping step by step. Liu Boyi asked Li Dongping to prepare some information, including financial proof. He asked Li Dongping to deposit an account of the same amount to prove that he did not Participating in the crime, Li Dongping and Liu Boyi bargained, saying that they could only give out one million, but Liu Boyi put on the air and asked Li Dongping to deposit five million to prove it, and then hung up the phone. Li Dongping had to follow Liu Boyi’s words. As soon as Liu Boyi defrauded him of five million, he transferred the money into the account Afeng said.

With the help of the embassy, ​​the house in Vienna Garden was settled. The working group also looked at Villa 8 from an angle and found that there was something wrong with Villa 8 and prepared to ask the local police to check the water, electricity and gas consumption of Villa 8 to verify. Their judgment. Here Wei Zimeng followed the driver to the same building again. This time he followed the driver closely. He knew where the driver went, and learned the driver’s den.

Gao Xiaotian told Wei Zi to stare at the den and must find the driver. On the line. Wei Zimeng and Santo disguised as staff members in the building and waited at the door of the den, finally waiting for the rider to get on the line, Chen Liwei. The two followed Chen Liwei and found that he had reached a place called Xincheng Financial Management Company, and they stood guard at the door of the company again.

Gao Xiaotian was doing morning exercises in the park. Chen Fusheng specially invited Gao Xiaotian to be a guest at his home. Gao Xiaotian took Yin Zhihang and Wu Shengnan to visit Chen Fusheng’s house. Gao Xiaotian asked where Chen Fusheng had developed before. Chen Fusheng said that he had made money from stock trading in the United States. Yin Zhihang asked about stock trading. Professional knowledge, now Chen Fusheng showed his timidity, and said something hastily. Chen Fusheng then asked Gao Xiaotian what business he was doing here. Gao Xiaotian said that he was a tropical fruit business, Yin Zhihang said he was a legal counsel, and Wu Shengnan was Gao Xiaotian’s personal assistant.

Chen Fusheng made a few more polite words, saying that if you have anything to do in the future, you can talk to him, and while chatting, Wu Shengnan excuses that he wants to see it at Chen Fusheng’s house and observe it at Chen Fusheng’s house. After serving a few people, Chen Fusheng urged the servants at home not to tell Miao Miao what happened today. After Gao Xiaotian came out, several people began to analyze the meeting. This meeting confirmed Gao Xiaotian’s views on Chen Fusheng, and felt that he didn’t have a single truth in his mouth.

After returning home, Miao Miao found that someone had been in the house. He was a little worried, and again reminded Chen Fusheng not to do anything harmful to the world. Chen Fusheng still refused to admit it, and said that it might be Afeng who used his identity to do some bad things. . Chen Fusheng received a text message and learned that Uncle Kang was visiting Cai Jinming in the nursing home and chatted with A Feng for a long time. Chen Fusheng called Afeng and said that the new base had been opened for a few days, but there was no big income. Afeng concealed the five million that Uncle Liu had deceived, and said that because of the two-day work stoppage, Big Fish ran away. Up. Chen Fusheng didn’t ask further, just let Afeng work hard.

Back at the station, Wei Zimeng reported Chen Liwei’s situation to Gao Xiaotian, and Xiao Hong also found the water and electricity consumption records of the Vienna villa, which was available from the day they acted, and the consumption in just ten days is enough for an ordinary family. After half a year’s consumption, Xiao Hong proposed that he could apply for a search warrant from the court. Gao Xiaotian also decided to try, but he told Xiao Hong to do the preliminary work. Gao Xiaotian met Chen Fusheng in the park that day. Chen Fusheng proposed to visit Gao Xiaotian, and Gao Xiaotian agreed.

Wu Shengnan and Yin Zhihang brought the collected evidence to Judge Tony to apply for a search warrant. Judge Tony rejected the two, saying that they approved their action last time but found nothing. Wu Shengnan was a little anxious, saying that it was an accident last time and suspected that he was a criminal. It was only after receiving the news that it was completely empty. No matter how Wu Shengnan explained, Justice Tony did not recognize Wu Shengnan and their evidence.

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