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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 22 Recap

Since the death of his father, Luo Zhi has been dependent on his mother, and the life has been difficult. Now that Luo Zhi grows up, Luo’s mother regrets that she has been educating her daughter to be too sensible and becomes cautious about everything. A phone call made Luo Zhi feel wronged but also happy. Fortunately, Zhang Mingrui came to coax her to be happy.

Sheng Huainan and Gobi were overwhelmed by the interview. After learning that Luo Zhi had already given the Student Union an interview suggestion, Gobi sought insurance and suppressed the possibility that Chen Mohan would be unhappy, and called Jiang Baili for help. After this incident, Sheng Huainan and Gobi learned that Luo Zhi was hospitalized and almost had pneumonia.

Sheng Huainan ran out of the student union as soon as he learned the news, and his worries were obvious. He and Gobi drove to the entrance of the hospital and happened to meet Luo Zhi, who was able to be discharged. Seeing that Luo Zhi insisted on taking a taxi back, Sheng Huainan directly hugged her into the car.

Sheng Huainan was seated in the co-pilot and deliberately adjusted the rearview mirror to an angle where Luo Zhi could see Luo Zhi, and his whole body was anxious. With the help of Gobi and Jiang Baili’s help, Luo Zhi finally agreed to help organize the interview manuscript.

After Luo Zhi checked, she found that the suggestions she had compiled had not been adopted at all, and even the content of the interview had all been involved in privacy, which caused Mo only to refuse the interview. When Luo Zhi was busy, Jiang Baili took the opportunity to stick to the Gobi, which also gave Sheng Huainan a chance to be alone with Luo Zhi.

After getting along with each other again, Luo Zhi is no longer willing to accommodate Sheng Huainan everywhere, and even has a faint feeling of drawing a line. On the contrary, Sheng Huainan seemed to have a guilty conscience, caring about Luo Zhi everywhere, and wanted to get closer to each other again.

Luo Zhi and Jiang Baili returned to the dormitory after they were busy, but they saw Zhang Mingrui waiting at the door, only to bring medicines and things they like to eat for Luo Zhi, and then left with peace of mind after repeated instructions. This makes Jiang Baili a little doubtful whether Zhang Mingrui likes Luoyang invisibly, and even thinks he is more suitable for Luozhi than Sheng Huainan.

In order to get tickets to the Modan forum, many students have set up tents and lined up, and Jiang Baili is no exception. It’s just that Gobi lost the student union’s electronic account, which caused him to experience difficulties again. In the past, it was Jiang Baili who helped to record the project, but this time I could only ask Jiang Baili for help again, and it was logical to get Luo Zhi’s help.

Luo Zhi and Jiang Baili lined up in the tent while sorting out their accounts. Gobi and Sheng Huainan unexpectedly came uninvited, and the four of them crowded in the not spacious tent. Sheng Huainan was worried that there were many mosquitoes at night, so he brought toilet water and some drinks. When he accidentally handed the Coke to Luo Zhi, and then looked at the other’s cold face, he immediately changed the Coke to afternoon black tea.

This time the accounts were to help Gobi, and he was naturally unable to let go, so he declined the request to accompany Chen Mohan to practice. In order to be alone with Luo Zhi, Sheng Huainan deliberately used Gobi and Jiang Baili as an excuse to buy supper.

All the secrets have been announced to the world, and Luo Zhi has nothing to hide or fear, so when facing Sheng Huainan, he can be more of himself. Luo Zhi didn’t need to be afraid that his words and deeds would cause Sheng Huainan’s bad thoughts, and he didn’t want to accept the other party’s concern that he would give alms if he wanted, and take away if he wanted to take it away.

On the contrary, Sheng Huainan began to take the initiative to care about Luo Zhi, worrying about her health, and “forcibly” put a sleeping bag on Luo Zhi and told her to drink more hot water. After experiencing “extorting a confession by torture”, the roles of Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi suddenly changed slightly.

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