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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 21 Recap

On the basketball court, Luo Zhi, like she did in high school, was sitting in the stands watching the classmates who were playing basketball. Even if the figure she knew and expected was no longer there, she could not change her habits. Once upon a time, Sheng Huainan accidentally smashed a basketball on Luo Zhi. This was a good opportunity to get acquainted with each other, but her timid escape made this opportunity wasted.

Another basketball flew in, Zhang Mingrui quickly blocked the injury for Luo Zhi, and simply sat down to accompany her. Emotionally, Zhang Mingrui and Luo Zhi have too much in common. His secret love for Xu Riqing is very beautiful, but the more recently he has the opportunity to get close to the person he likes, the more disturbed Zhang Mingrui’s heart is.

Xu Riqing likes to go shopping. It takes Zhang Mingrui to work a few jobs to afford anything he likes. When Zhang Mingrui played basketball, Xu Riqing would be like Zhang Mingrui who was shopping with him, playing with his mobile phone. Their hobbies are completely different. The closer the two are, the more Zhang Mingrui feels how inappropriate between him and Xu Riqing.

Crush love produces beauty because of distance. Crush lovers will perfect the person they like in their hearts, and when they are really close, the truth will break this beautification. Luo Zhi knows this feeling best, but tacit understanding and hobbies can be cultivated by each other. Only if you really like it will you be willing to change yourself.

On this day, Sheng Huainan had been following Luo Zhi, and finally couldn’t help but question her doubts in his heart. He didn’t believe that Luo Zhi was very mindful, but he couldn’t help but doubt the sincerity of the other party. Obviously it should be a sweet confession, even if it fails to get a response, it is more fortunate than the current rigorous confession.

Like to say two words, Luo Zhi was also deprived of her last crush. She fled in front of Sheng Huainan and rushed to a barber shop at will. A long hair was left by Luo Zhi for Sheng Huainan. The hair now being cut off seemed to be a kind of memorial.

The heavy rain falling from the sky covered Luo Zhi’s tears, but it could not wash away the pain in her heart. Luo Zhi kept running around the playground, constantly venting, she had nothing at this moment, as if she was stripped naked and standing in front of others. In the end, Luo Zhi was knocked down by the embarrassment in his heart. When Jiang Baili and Zhang Mingrui found her, Luo Zhi was already unconscious in the heavy rain.

After waking up from the hospital, Luo Zhi seemed to be calm again, but in fact, after going crazy, his heart became more gloomy. Luo Zhi began to doubt himself, and hated the self who had deceived Sheng Huainan, the youth that was impossible to regain.

Everyone is comforting Luo Zhi, and her mother’s love may be her greatest support. Even if Luo Zhi is not at home, her mother will make her favorite food, imagining that her daughter will be by her side. Even if there is no love, Luo Zhi still has more cherished feelings.

Since Sheng Huainan’s aunt was driven out of the house by Sheng Huainan’s father, she has changed her name to Zhu Yan and has only recently settled in Qingdao. When my aunt and nephew met again, Sheng Huainan knew that Tiffany and Jack were Zhu Yan’s children.

Sheng Huainan is not only not confident whether Luo Zhi has sincere, but because of her mother’s obstruction, she dare not approach her anymore. This time it was also because of the appearance of Zhu Yan that Sheng Huainan became more determined to control happiness by himself. For the first time, he positively and solemnly hoped that his mother would stop interfering in his feelings.

The student union was in a mess at this time, and Mo Dan thought that the interview draft was too superficial, so he wanted to decline the invitation to the forum. The Student Union has publicized the symposium. If Mo Dan does not show up, the Student Union will surely become a joke at the school, and Luo Zhi is the only one who can help them right now.

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