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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 20 Recap

The new forum is coming soon. In order not to be eclipsed by Chen Mohan, Jiang Baili specially went to the mall to go shopping. She wanted to show herself beautifully beside Gobi and Chen Mohan.

In fact, Gobi might have fallen in love with Jiang Baili and was used to her ubiquity, but he was too obsessed with the unreachable relationship that made him lose himself. At the dinner table, Gobi and Chen Mohan were relatively speechless. He had nothing left besides being careful to please.

Today is the day when Chen Jing and Luoyang take their wedding photos. This should be a happy day for new couples, but Luoyang cooperates with the photographer very mechanically. Luoyang didn’t even want to leave a kiss to Chen Jing when he was supposed to be intimate.

During the break, taking advantage of Luoyang’s absence, Ding Shuijing, who had been following them, appeared in front of Chen Jing. She confidently understands Luoyang and sees the unhappiness of Luoyang and Chen Jing together. She thinks that their combination is a drag and a drag on each other.

However, Chen Jing and Luoyang have been in love for five years, and she stayed with her when Luoyang was at its lowest point. Chen Jing is a person who hopes to live a stable life for a lifetime, and what she thinks is natural and practical. Ding Shuijing is at the age of youth and wanton, she can accompany Luoyang to pursue her dreams at all costs, even if she meets her blood and does not regret it.

In front of Ding Shuijing, Chen Jing felt a deep sense of frustration. She had to admit that Ding Shuijing would attract men more. This kind of anxiety affects Chen Jing, making this moment that a woman is most looking forward to, suddenly darkening.

After finally coming to Xiamen, Luoyang naturally wanted to share lunch with Luo Zhi Zhi. The three people got along with each other and it can be seen that Luo Zhi and Chen Jing are also very close. Ding Shuijing, who was hiding in the dark at this time, seemed out of place, but she was bold and brave and took the initiative to catch up with Chen Jing who went to the women’s toilet.

Ding Shuijing appeared again and again, and Chen Jing finally couldn’t help her feelings of uneasiness, and told Luo Zhi of her feelings alone. For so many years, Luo Zhi has always believed that Luoyang should be emotionally focused, and she only recognizes Chen Jing, a sister-in-law. This may be because Luo Zhi has not responded to Ding Shuijing’s message that she likes Luoyang.

Today’s Ding Shuijing is also very emotional, sending messages to Luo Zhi again and again and threatening her with some little secrets she already knows. However, Luo Zhi doesn’t care what Ding Shuijing knows. She only sincerely hopes that Ding Shuijing can pursue her dreams purely. After all, paintings can show a person’s soul.

In high school, both Ding Shuijing and Ye Zhanyan hoped that Luo Zhi could be integrated into the group instead of being alone. But the activities they liked did not arouse Luo Zhi’s interest, so she was crowned with arrogance. But this text message suddenly reminded Ding Shuijing that when she created her first painting, it was Luo Zhi who gave her the first beautiful name.

When Ye Zhanyan wanted to use means again to prevent Luo Zhi from attending the forum, Ding Shuijing stopped helping her. Ding Shuijing held the phone at Ye Zhanyan, hoping that the other party could see the phone’s face clearly. It seemed that it was no longer the confident and lively Ye Zhanyan that Ding Shuijing knew.

Ye Zhanyan’s hatred for Luo Zhi had already become her obsession, and naturally she would not follow Ding Shuijing’s advice. When Ye Zhanyan learned that Luo Zhi had sent the usb of the interview content to the student union, he deliberately took it away privately.

At the same time, although Sheng Huainan has gradually moved away from Luozhi, he deliberately sent memoirs from high school to the dormitory. Looking at the photos in the book, Sheng Huainan hoped that Luo Zhi could be discovered in high school.

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