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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 17 Recap

Chen Fusheng’s wife, Miao Miao, secretly told Chen Fusheng not to do bad business. Chen Fusheng looked innocent and said that he had no problems and that he could deal with business problems. Miao Miao asked him what he wanted to do. Chen Fusheng coaxed a lot of business. He wanted his wife back to live in Canada, but Miao Miao refused to leave, saying that he wanted Chen Fusheng to accompany her.

Chen Fusheng coaxed for a while before leaving. Before leaving, Chen Fusheng told the nurse Ping, who had been invited to take good care of Miao Miao. Miao Miao went to the always locked room at home after Chen Fusheng left. She wanted to try to open it, but she gave up. She was very disturbed and burned incense and worshipped Buddha every day to pray for peace of mind.

Lu Xin and Xiaoyun still refused to work, and even started a hunger strike. A Qiu came to Liu Boyi to explain the situation. A Feng was also there. After A Feng knew their situation, he went to the cell to scare Lu Xin and Xiao. Yun, told them not to try to escape on a hunger strike, and once again persuaded the two to join them to work together. In the middle of the night, Lu Xin said that he hid the script under the bed when he moved temporarily. Now maybe the police are catching fraud gangs. They can’t really starve to death here. They must stay with the police. Save them, thinking about it this way, they decided not to go on a hunger strike.

Wu Shengnan and Xiao Hong guarded outside the Vienna Garden for a day and found that the security guards at the Vienna Garden were very snobbery. They saw the luxury car and let them go without even asking. After they went back, they reported the situation. Here, Yin Zhihang also investigated the visits to the nursing home. Records found Kevin, that is, A Feng’s visit record, and Uncle Kang had appeared in the previous two days, but there is no record of Chen Fusheng. Although Chen Fusheng has no record of visits, most of the funding for the nursing home is Chen Fusheng.

Provided, the people at the embassy investigated the relationship between Chen Fusheng and Cai Jinming, and told Gao Xiaotian the specific situation. Gao Xiaotian had a morning practice specially and went to the park to pretend to meet Chen Fusheng by chance, Gao Xiaotian He proposed to visit Chen Fusheng’s house, but Chen Fusheng excused that his wife was pregnant and the house was messy and inconvenient. He must ask Gao Xiaotian to be a guest when he cleaned up another day. Gao Xiaotian did not insist.

Santo and Gu Simiao and Wei Zimeng squatted outside the self-service ATM for a few days, and finally squatted to the person who was suspected of being a driver of a criminal syndicate. Santo also felt suspicious, but their car was not good. Next time, they have to change to a motorcycle and follow the driver . Soon, the three of them split up and followed the suspicious riders on their motorcycles, but the traffic conditions here were so bad that they were all lost.

On the other side, Santo drove a luxury car and entered the Vienna Garden with Wu Shengnan and Xiao Hong smoothly. Wu Shengnan observed a circle and found that Villa No. 8 was the most suspicious, but the owner of the Vienna Garden was very cautious and regarded a few of them. The thief who stepped on it drove away a few people. Wu Shengnan went back and reported the situation to Gao Xiaotian, and proposed to rent a house in Vienna Garden in order to observe the situation. However, after searching the intermediary, they could not find an apartment, so several people had to seek help from the embassy.

Liu Boyi started calling Li Dongping again. Li Dongping didn’t believe what Liu Boyi said, but under Liu Boyi’s step-by-step guidance, Li Dongping gradually believed in Liu Boyi, and he was not so resistant to Liu Boyi’s words. Now, Uncle Liu is not in a hurry. He knows that fishing for big fish requires a long line.

That day, Ah Zhuo brought the private detective’s investigation results to Miao Miao. After reading the information, Miao Miao was shocked. What Chen Fusheng said when chasing her back then was false. Chen Fusheng left Taiwan because she escaped gambling debts. I have been worried that Chen Fusheng and Afeng are doing telecommunications fraud. She is afraid of the truth. If her guess is true, she doesn’t know what to do.

On this day, Wei Zimeng followed a suspected driver to a building, but after entering the building, the driver entered the elevator. Wei Zimeng did not stay with him. He did not find anyone in a circle. He could only return to the building and wait for the driver to come out and wait for the driver. After coming out, Wei Zimeng followed up again and finally found the driver’s den.

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