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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 16 Recap

Chen Fusheng didn’t cover up, saying that he must be someone who has been here for so long. He also made Gao Xiaotian difficult to speak, and then left. On the other side, Yin Zhihang, Gu Simiao, Wei Zimeng was still checking the numbers of self-service ATMs one by one, and determined the location of the ATMs, while Xiao Hong and Wu Shengnan went to places frequented by Taiwanese, but they did not find any clues. .

The young head of the fraud group, A Feng, reported to Chen Fusheng about the move. Chen Fusheng was cautious and told A Feng not to start work until he stabilized Gao Xiaotian before they started.

The working group found the background information of Temeiya. Among them, a Taiwanese named Cai Jinming holds 20% of the stock, but he never participated in the company’s operations. Gao Xiaotian asked Wu Shengnan to look up Cai Jinming again. People. Cai Jinming is A Feng’s father. When A Feng visited Cai Jinming that day, Cai Jinming’s old brother Kang Shu came to the door. Kang said that Cai Jinming brought Chen Fusheng out to fight in Jiangshan and Cai Jinming was the boss, but Now Cai Jinming is sick, people are a little stupid, and there is not much left in the industry, and the old brothers around Cai Jinming, such as Uncle Kang, were retired by Chen Fusheng.

Uncle Kang knew that Afeng was doing something for Chen Fusheng, so he reminded him to be careful not to be deceived by Chen Fusheng’s hypocrisy. Afeng went to Chen Fusheng and wanted Chen Fusheng to transfer Cai Jinming’s shares to his own name, but Chen Fusheng said that as long as Cai Jinming was alive, he would not transfer the shares to Afeng, and Afeng wanted to know his father’s name Chen Fusheng was also vague about how many assets he had under the government, and refused to say clearly.

After a few days, the scam group resumed its criminal activities. The domestic anti-fraud center started to work as soon as it detected it, trying to find their new network address. Gao Xiaotian went to the Chinese Embassy in person and asked about Cai Jinming. He learned that Cai Jinming came to Country F from Cambodia ten years ago.

After that, he bought a large hot spring hotel in the local area seven years ago. I bought another mechanical and electrical company, and later bought a 20% stake in Temeiya. Gao Xiaotian wanted to find Cai Jinming himself, but Cai Jinming was admitted to a nursing home five years ago, and he had sequelae of cerebral hemorrhage. With dementia, Gao Xiaotian asked the embassy staff to check the background of the mechanical and electrical company. .

At Chen Fusheng’s house, Chen Fusheng’s wife is pregnant, but she is always nervous. She has some doubts about Chen Fusheng’s various behaviors. She is worried that Chen Fusheng is hiding something bad about herself, so she will take her concerns. I talked to my friend Azhuo and hoped that Azhuo could help him find a private detective to secretly investigate Chen Fusheng.

Wei Zimeng and Gu Simiao were investigating the drivers who withdrew money from the telecom fraud group. They squatted near the cash machine every day, but there were too many people withdrawing money every day, and they could not determine who the driver was. At this time, Xiao Hong said that the domestic anti-fraud center had passed the new network address, and Gao Xiaotian quickly took it.

However, in order to determine the ownership of the network address, local overseas Chinese still need to help. Gao Xiaotian suddenly asked everyone if they remember Cai Jinming, who was a shareholder of Temeiya Telecom, and he also owned an electromechanical company. After verification by the embassy, ​​the electromechanical company had a shareholder named Chen Fusheng, who was when Luo Li treated him to dinner. The president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce who came in to toast.

Domestically, Professor Li Dongping received another fraudulent call. Just as he pierced the scammer as usual, the scammer reported Li Dongping’s ID number and household registration address. Li Dongping was a little panicked when he heard his identity information. Then he transferred the call to Liu Boyi. When Liu Boyi used proficient words to talk to Li Dongping, when he was about to get to the point, Li Dongping hung up the phone, but Liu Boyi was very satisfied. , Li Dongping always refused to communicate directly, which shows that Li Dongping is slowly taking the bait.

The working group found the location of the new network address, but the scope can only be narrowed down to the Vienna Garden. The Vienna Garden is a high-end villa area with 28 villas. The security is very strict. You cannot enter unless you are the owner.

Gao Xiaotian listened. According to the news, it is said that this time sufficient preparations must be made to allow the court to sign a search warrant, and he also wants to check Cai Jinming’s visit record. At Chen Fusheng’s house, Chen Fusheng hired a nurse for his wife, and Chen Fusheng’s wife wanted to talk to Chen Fusheng alone.

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