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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 15 Recap

Gao Xiaotian analyzed that in the entire fraud link, the three links of material farmers, canon and water house are difficult to reach, but the drivers will definitely show up. All the fraudulent property, the fraudsters must go through the self-service teller machine. Obtained, as long as you hold the self-service ATM, you will be able to find the driver. Yin Zhihang asked, with so many self-service ATMs, how can I confirm which self-service ATM the fraudster is withdrawing money from?

Wu Shengnan said that the bank card used by the fraudster is If you have contact with a domestic bank, you can ask the domestic bank to provide the number of the ATM to withdraw money, and the task of guarding the self-service ATM is handed over to Wei Zimeng. Wei Zimeng and Gu Simiao got the ATM number of the suspected mobile cash machine, but when they went to the local bank and wanted the map of the self-service cash machine, the bank could not get it out. They had to go to the street to find the self-service cash machine. The number of the machine, starting from the beginning.

Gao Xiaotian and Yin Zhihang Xiao Hong went to the court to find Justice Tony again, and wanted him to sign a search warrant for them. Tony said that they had studied Gao Xiaotian’s case materials and could not sign a search warrant for them. Gao Xiaotian asked the specific reason. Justice Tony said that Gao Xiaotian’s case could not provide specific personal or physical evidence, and the network address alone cannot prove the crime. Yin Zhihang explained on the side that the telecommunications fraud case is a non-contact crime, and the victims and suspects are.

There is no chance to meet, so the physical evidence is in the fraud den. Justice Tony said that according to the law of the country, it is necessary to search based on evidence, not to search for evidence. If the Internet address given by Gao Xiaotian is wrong, then Will cause serious errors. Gao Xiaotian was a little angry and asked Justice Tony what they should do. Justice Tony said that they could make an exception and let them provide third-party witnesses. However, due to the particularity of telecommunications fraud cases, they could not find witnesses in a short time. Justice Tony still doesn’t let go.

After returning to the station, Gao Xiaotian learned that Justice Tony was about to go on vacation. He hurriedly asked the domestic police to send images of vicious fraud cases. The working group produced the information overnight and added English annotations to each case. , And before Justice Tony left the next day, Tony came to persuade him. Tony read the information and felt a little touched. Gao Xiaotian persuaded that the telecom fraud case involved human life and Tony was going to take a long vacation. If these things happened In country F, how would he feel? The working group understood reason and moved emotions, and finally got Tony to sign a search warrant.

In the scam group, instructor Zhang taught the newcomers, using rhetoric and high salaries to seduce them. Lu Xin and Xiaoyun were unmoved. They were found when they tried to escape at night, and Ah Qiu punished them both as handymen. In order to break through their psychological defenses, Brother Feng, the leader of the fraud group, also came to this den and told Liu Boyi that he had bought a batch of new materials, among which there were several very valuable customers.

On the other side, Lu Xin secretly took the chef’s mobile phone and wanted to send a message to Lin Sen, but was discovered by the chef before sending it out. Lu Xin was a little scared, wondering if the chef would complain.

After Tony signed the search warrant, the working group and the local police station prepared to go to the den to search, but when they were stuck in traffic on the road, Chen Fusheng got the news that the president of the local Chinese Chamber of Commerce was the leader of the fraud group. Hurry up to call and transfer the subordinates. When the police arrived at the den, the criminals had already escaped. The police rushed for nothing. Luckily, Lu Xin was clever.

Before he left, he put a copy of the training materials of the fraud group under the bed. Xiao Hong, who came to search, found it. After moving to the new villa, Lu Xin and Xiaoyun waited for an opportunity to escape. This time they finally escaped. The two stopped a taxi and went straight to the Chinese Embassy. They didn’t expect to be caught halfway there. He was also locked up by A Qiu.

Gao Xiaotian often met Chen Fusheng when running in the park in the morning. Chen Fusheng also spoke to Gao Xiaotian enthusiastically, saying that he and the local businessmen are friends. If necessary, he can help Gao Xiaotian. Gao Xiaotian Tian took Chen Fusheng’s business card and asked him if there was someone on it.

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