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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 14 Recap

Ali told everyone about the discipline, saying that the newcomer’s mobile phone, ID card and passport must be handed in and kept by the company. Without his permission, no one can leave the villa. Lu Xin wanted to resist, but was stopped by instructor Zhang. After coming down, and returning to the dormitory, Lu Xin’s friend Xiaoyun was very guilty.

She had to come here to have a look, but it also hurt Lu Xin. Lu Xin did not blame Xiaoyun. After all, she was dumped by her boyfriend. You have to take Xiaoyun to go abroad to relax before you encounter this. At night, Lu Xin and Xiaoyun wanted to secretly escape, but the villa was tightly guarded, and they did not find a chance to escape.

Gao Xiaotian and the local police went to a den together to investigate. It turned out that the den was just a gambling den, which had nothing to do with telecommunications fraud. The working group and others were a little depressed. Gao Xiaotian didn’t get too entangled here and began to give it to everyone. Assigning the task, he intends that the working group and others will try to confirm the telecommunications company to which the network address belongs to the police department.

The next day, Wu Shengnan and Xiao Hong went to the police station to urge Luo Li. Luo Li continued to use the same excuses to evade, and some contemptuously asked how much money can be defrauded by telecommunications fraud. The amount involved in the case was 15 to 10, which made Rory a little surprised and began to pay attention to this matter.

People in the working group also split up and went to various telecommunications companies to inquire about network addresses, but the progress was not smooth. Just when Wu Shengnan and others were depressed, Gao Xiaotian came back. Gao Xiaotian asked someone for help. He found out that the two network addresses belonged to the two telecom companies, Temeiya and Oulaiso.

Everyone was motivated. He rushed to the police station to find Rory and asked him to implement the information they needed as soon as possible. When Rory saw this, he had no reason to shirk, so he asked Police Constable Santo to assist the team in their investigation and implementation, and told Santo not to be in China. Shame in front of the police.

Santo took a team of people to the telecommunications company and asked the manager to assist in the investigation, but the manager said that their company’s network system was hacked just ten minutes ago. Everyone felt that something was wrong. How could such a coincidence happen, but now The most important thing is to restore the network system.

Gu Simiao is a professional in this area. He quickly restored the network system. The people in the working group successfully implemented two network addresses. Wu Shengnan and others went back to the station to check the two network addresses. At the location of, Gao Xiaotian and others, accompanied by Rory, went to the court to find Justice Tony to apply for a search warrant, but the judge refused, saying that the court needs to be responsible for each case and must be verified before issuing a search warrant.

Tian asked how long the argumentation time would take, but the judge did not give a clear time, and said that he would have a trial in the afternoon. Gao Xiaotian and the others had to leave first. Luo Li said that they would follow up as soon as possible to help Gao Xiaotian get the search warrant as soon as possible, but Gao Xiaotian did not put his hope on Luo Li. He decided to wait for Tony to end the trial in the court. , And then find him to sign a search warrant.

After Tony finished the trial, Gao Xiaotian wanted to explain to him the situation of the case, but Tony said that he would go to the Ministry of Justice to attend a meeting. There was no way to listen to him. Gao Xiaotian had to make an appointment with Tony tomorrow. After returning to the station, Gao Xiaotian did not relax.

Now that he encountered a hacker attacking Temeiya’s system with a virus today, he asked Gu Simiao to find out about Temeiya’s background, and Wu Shengnan was worried about the F country’s police. Work efficiency. Before Gao Xiaotian came back, he and Gu Simiao re-organized the chain of telecommunications fraud, and wanted to see what else could break through. Gao Xiaotian also analyzed it and felt that at this stage, in addition to the clues of the network address, the clues of the fraud group’s capital flow are the most important.

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