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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 13 Recap

The working group and Li Jichang from the embassy went to the local police station and Chief Witte and others to read the case report. Witte said that he had been a police officer for many years and had never heard of a telecom fraud case. He did not understand why they could Country F defrauded the Chinese. He didn’t know how to help Gao Xiaotian and them. Gao Xiaotian explained that most of the victims were not locals, and showed Witte the internet addresses investigated by the police. However, Witt said that it is very difficult for the local court to sign a search warrant based on two network addresses.

Moreover, there are many telecommunications companies in the city alone. The police station is already short of manpower and has a backlog of many cases. It is really unable to assist. Gao Xiaotian and the others investigated, and Wu Shengnan on the side said when they saw it, they hoped that a police officer could assist them in the investigation. Witte and the others did not agree on the spot, saying they wanted to study.

In fact, Witt did not want to cooperate with Gao Xiaotian and the others. He felt that this kind of case was too vague and didn’t know how to investigate it. However, the deputy director Luo Li said that the Chinese police came to cooperate with them when they went abroad. Maybe they also need Gao Xiaotian’s help. Rory said that there are two major criminals who are concealed near the Chinese border. Without the help of the Chinese police, it would be difficult to arrest them. It is better to take this opportunity and do everything possible. Friendship of the landlords, Witt felt that Rory was making some sense, so he left the matter to him.

Here, Qian Xiaoyan has been defrauded by the liar Liu Boyi of 100,000, and Liu Boyi asked Qian Xiaoyan to pay 400,000 to herself. Qian Xiaoyan was anxious to give the money in the card to “freeze”, and told Liu Bo Yi told her to follow her plan. Liu Boyi asked her to go to the bank to open a new bank card and turn off her hand. Don’t contact other people. Qian Xiaoyan did the same, and just like that, she missed the real public security agency. Phone. After Qian Xiaoyan opened a new bank card, she originally received a call from the public security agency, but thought that the public security agency’s call was a liar’s call.

The public security agency could only locate Qian Xiaoyan’s cell phone and let the police in the district find Qian Xiao. Yan tried to dissuade, but unfortunately it was a step too late. Qian Xiaoyan’s money had been defrauded by Boyi Liu. When Qian Xiaoyan saw the police coming to the door, she realized that the person talking to her was a liar. Qian Xiaoyan was defrauded of more than 10 million yuan. She couldn’t stand the shock and committed suicide by jumping off the building. After the working group far overseas learned of the news, everyone felt a little uncomfortable, but the telecommunications fraud group was celebrating this success. .

Luo Li of the police station hosted a banquet and hosted the members of the working group at the hotel. President Chen of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce happened to be in the next box. Knowing that Luo Li was next door, he went to say hello and exchanged greetings with Gao Xiaotian. . At the wine bureau, Rory promised to help Gao Xiaotian and the others. The next day Gao Xiaotian and the others went to the police station.

Witt was a little angry and Rory made a mess of promise after drinking too much, but Rory said it was very good. solve. Luo Li went to meet Gao Xiaotian and the others, and said that the police station had a similar case, and there was a search warrant, Gao Xiaotian could act with them tomorrow, but when Gao Xiaotian asked him about the network in this case When the address was one of the two addresses they investigated, Rory was vague, saying that Gao Xiaotian would know it tomorrow.

Gao Xiaotian and the others have not made any progress. The telecommunications fraud group began to look for Chinese compatriots in F, and tricked dozens of people into joining the fraud group by coaxing. Two of the girls came to F country to travel because they could not afford air tickets. They came to work here with the mentality of a try, but when they came here, one of the girls, Lu Xin, felt something was wrong. She wanted to take her friends away, but she couldn’t leave. Soon, Aqiu Just to train the newcomers, she introduced the trainer Zhang instructor and Ali, who is in charge of discipline.

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