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Hush 허쉬 Episode 7 Recap

Li Zhixiu once saw a black figure at the scene of Wu Xiuyan’s death and had told the police that this suspect should have been investigated by the police, but there was no news. Lee Ji-soo wanted to find out the truth by herself more than once, but she was just a reporter after all. Han Jun-hyuk hoped that she could remain silent for the time being under adverse circumstances.

In the morning of the next day, daily Korean reporters came to work. I found that the door was covered with convenience visas, which were all dissatisfaction and distrust of Korea every day. The instigators of all this are Lee Ji-soo and Han Jun-hyuk. It is she who promotes and mobilizes on the Internet to allow the people to spontaneously put up the daily gate of South Korea with convenience signs.

Daily South Korea’s upper echelons wanted to find the perpetrators and hold them accountable, but Luo Sung-won took the initiative to persuade his superiors, hoping that Daily Korea would apologize to the people. Luo Chengyuan clearly saw Li Zhixiu and Han Junhyuk in the surveillance, but he did not say anything, but praised Li Zhixiu in public.

Han Jun Hyuk saw someone spying on his computer in the computer. After everyone discussed, he decided to deliberately harass and tease Go Soo Dao, and finally used news to destroy him. But everyone worked hard for a long time. No matter how cheeky they were, Han Junhyuk asked a friend for help. Although it didn’t make much progress, he got a lawyer’s business card with a high degree of change.

The crowd gathered together again during the off-hours. Lee Ji-soo frowned because the interview did not make progress. Han Jun-hye couldn’t help laughing before he realized that he had been tricked. After all, such an interview does not have any effect. But the problem now is that Luo Chengyuan let them be responsible for the follow-up of the interview, and it is hard not to make people suspect that Luo Chengyuan wants them to take the blame.

What Han Jun-hyuk is most worried about right now is that Mr Cheng plays the role of connecting Ko Soo and the president. Then, the price must be to bury the drunk driving of Mr Cheng’s son, and to clarify that it is a false report to ask for the list of Ko Soo Do. Misreports will affect the important role of the court in the judgment of Gao Zhudao’s innocence. This is certainly not what Han Junhyuk and others want to see, but the facts seem to be moving in a direction they don’t want to see.

Everyone was seriously talking about work, and suddenly there was an alarm, and colorful cannons were all around. It turned out that today is the birthday of Vice-Chairman Liang. The atmosphere between the last second and this moment was really too different, and Mr. Liang couldn’t recover for a while, and the party ended amidst the voices of everyone’s orders.

Everyone has their own family, and some guards they can’t give up. For this reason, Deputy Chief Liang has been provoked by Minister Yin many times. Once a person has fetters, he cannot be fearless. After all, there is not much Han Junhyuk in this world. When Deputy Chief Liang returned home, even if the child was already asleep, she deliberately used a breath cleaner to remove the smell of alcohol, and she was willing to rest only when she watched the child’s sleeping face.

For the National Politics Inspection Outstanding Member of Parliament Award, Gao Zhudao and Jung Cheol Wook are on the list, and Han Jun Hyuk looks at this report with a heavy heart. Early the next morning, Daily South Korea apologized publicly for the death of Wu Soo-yeon, but many people on the Internet still believed that this was a high-profile apology show.

Han Jun Hyuk suddenly remembered something, and ran all the way to the monitor to confirm the video on the day of Wu Xiuyan’s death. From the staff responsible for monitoring, Han Jun-hyuk knew that Luo Sung-won had long known that he had caused the daily sticky notes incident in South Korea, and it was also Luo Sung-won’s request to delete the surveillance.

Han Jun Hyuk suddenly remembered that not long after he came to Daily Korea, Luo Sung-won was promoted and trained all the way, and once told him that as long as Han Jun-hyuk did not betray, Luo Sung-won would never give up the talents he had cultivated himself.

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