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Hush 허쉬 Episode 6 Recap

Li Jixiu’s unforgiveness made Han Junhyuk’s originally guilty and low mood even more collapsed. As Li Zhixiu said, no matter what compensation he makes, the dead cannot return, and the suffering of the living cannot be undone.

The monitoring has found that the son of Mr. Cheng Zhexu changed the driver midway, but Luo Chengyuan suppressed such an exclusive revelation and gave up this opportunity to increase the click rate. At the same time, Yan Chenghan decided to organize the Internet Daily Korea. The click-through rate affects everyone’s salary. Some people are happy and some are worried.

The Digital News Department can also write news based on materials. With the help of Han Junhyuk, Lee Ji-soo has successfully obtained the opportunity to train and promote, and this is just a bargaining chip used by top Koreans to make transactions every day. Han Jun Hyuk waited specially for Li Zhixiu on his way off work. He didn’t pray for forgiveness, he just hoped that he could do his best to make Li Zhixiu’s heart more comfortable.

Li Zhixiu and his mother were sitting in the dining room eating fried chicken. The original fried chicken was placed at the table, and the mother knew that her daughter was missing her father. It is precisely because my father is unwilling to live in a muddle-headed manner, and is unwilling to be in the same way, that he left so early. Li Zhixiu sometimes has resentment, but he can only bear any emotions. Even his mother will not waste a table of fried chicken for getting angry. After all, people who are alive still have to live.

In fact, Han Junhyuk was not the person who wrote the Li Minlong news, but because of this incident, he failed to pick up his daughter from school. As a result, his daughter was almost killed in a car accident. Although his daughter had his life back, Han Jun Hyuk gradually lost himself under double guilt. He paralyzed himself with work all day, and eventually lost his family.

Gao Youbian, a member of the Environmental Subsection of the Jinyan High-tech Development Zone, held an emergency press conference and declared that the personal list of members who received reports from South Korea every day was not the member Gao Zhudo, but his own. Suspected of illegal employment of Jinyan enterprises has changed, saying that he voluntarily went to the procuratorate to cooperate with the prosecution’s investigation.

As soon as such a report came out, Han Junhyuk was even more sure that Luo Chengyuan had put his eyes in the company, and that everything was premeditated by him. Luo Chengyuan already knew everything but didn’t stop it. Knowing that Han Junhyuk and others were investigating this matter, there was no response. Han Junhyuk simply put his suspicion on his face and asked Luo Chengyuan directly.

At the same time, there was a sudden outbreak of negative comments about Daily Korea on the Internet, and an article that no longer trusted Daily Korea became popular and was reposted by various likes. It deeply reveals how South Korea squeezes interns every day, makes them copy and plagiarize against their conscience, and use fake news to create popularity.

Daily South Korea rendered this article as an intern who could not stand the pressure, venting on the Internet. Han Junhyuk thought about Li Jixiu’s responsibility, and he went to Luo Chengyuan on the spot to ask for an explanation, even if he was responsible for the misreporting of the news, but it was Li Zhixiu who stopped this impulse.

After get off work, Li Zhixiu calmly asked Han Junhyuk to drink for the first time. Perhaps life can never be ambiguous like a fried chicken with dipping sauce. Although Li Zhixiu concealed her job as a reporter from her mother, she still hopes to be a real reporter.

Han Jun Hyuk has always hoped that she can do something for Lee Ji-soo. To become a truly independent reporter is her greatest wish. It seems that Han Jun Hyuk helped Li Zhixiu become a reporter, but in Han Jun Hyuk’s mind, it was Li Zhixiu who made him understand what he had been unable to figure out and made him a real reporter at this moment.

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