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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 19 Recap

The pouring rain, the cold back, and the light yellow raincoat in his hand hurt Luo Zhi’s heart deeply. Sheng Huainan’s temptation was obvious enough to let Luo Zhi know that her lie had long been exposed to the sun. It wasn’t until Luo Zhilinyu left that Sheng Huainan at the corner dropped his umbrella and left from the other direction in despair.

Luo Zhi came to the school balcony and moved to her secret flower pot, how she wanted to take advantage of the rain to wipe the words on the wall with her hands. However, the three characters Sheng Huainan are like the person she engraved in her heart, even if the palm of her hand is worn out, the trace cannot be made light.

After Luo Zhi returned to the dormitory, she seemed to have lost her soul, but she would fill herself up with various words, even if her heart was already riddled with holes, she would not let others discover her deep pain. Studying is Luo Zhi’s way to divert attention, even if she stops for a moment, she will find it unbearable.

Sheng Huainan, who is also torturing himself, is not interested in anything or anyone. Until the roommate used the excuse to know the reasons for hundreds of days, he forced Sheng Huainan to celebrate. Feeling the concern between the brothers, Sheng Huainan was finally willing to put aside his worries for a while and fight with everyone.

Libraries, canteens, basketball halls, the school said it was big or small, Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi always went to the same place at the same time. Their lives seem to be back in time, two parallel lines that will never intersect, even if they meet unexpectedly in a corner, they will avoid each other.

On this day, when Luo Zhi arrived at the cafeteria, he saw Zhang Mingrui coming here long ago, lining up to buy her favorite food. In order to prevent Luo Zhi from thinking about her, Zhang Mingrui would take her to relax with her when she was freeing the dog part-time.

Zhang Mingrui has several jobs in order to buy presents for Xu Riqing. After walking the dog, he has to go to the laboratory to work. Luo Zhi had nothing to do in the afternoon and agreed to Zhang Mingrui’s invitation, but after seeing Sheng Huainan at the entrance of the laboratory, he immediately fled.

Zhang Mingrui really didn’t understand what happened to Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi, but as an outsider, he could clearly see the inescapable feelings between them. Whether it was Luo Zhi’s favorite food or taking her to relax, it was all care and entrustment from Sheng Huainan, but he didn’t want to take this step himself.

Luoyang brought Ding Shuijing’s favorite artist’s work to her. He paid attention to everything Ding Shuijing liked, and he would be driven by the other’s emotions, but he could not face such real emotions. After all, Luoyang already has fiancee Chen Jing, but obviously their spiritual pursuits are not the same.

Chen Jing never cared about spiritual pursuits and so-called dreams. She only cared about whether life was rich and decent. As long as she could get the position she thought of, she could tell Luoyang all the falsehoods. This was obviously not what Luoyang wanted, and he couldn’t achieve the life Chen Jing wanted, but he didn’t know why he had to endure people who were not suitable for him.

Gobi finally got rid of Jiang Baili, and finally qualified to pursue Chen Mohan. Now Gobi looks like Jiang Baili who loved him so much. For a meal, Chen Mohan naturally enjoyed Gobi’s favor, but he didn’t bother to pay.

It was the same restaurant, and Gobi suddenly remembered that Jiang Baili used to celebrate his birthday. It was clearly beyond his ability to bear. He would rather go hungry to satisfy him. Gobi can’t forget the appearance of Jiang Baili dancing and dancing after eating the meat he personally fed, but the current Gobi is also unwilling to give up the obsession.

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