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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 5 Recap

Cai Yuanpei wanted to take office as soon as possible. Wang Daxie reminded him that if he wants to make a career at Peking University, he must propose three conditions for Li Yuanhong to agree to, namely, sufficient energy, abundant talents and decentralization. Cai Yuanpei said that he has friends so he can surely put this principal well. .

Chen Duxiu in the Yadong Library praised Hu Shi’s essays in every detail, and hit his mind. He excitedly asked Yi Baisha to publish this “A Discussion on Literary Reform” in the newspapers on New Year’s Day, but Hu Shi was not well-known at the right time. Yi Baisha and Wang Meng Zoudu suggested It is still dominated by Chen Duxiu’s writing style. Many businessmen in Beijing want to invest in “New Youth”. Chen Duxiu is about to go to Beijing to expand the influence of “New Youth” and immediately agreed to leave next week.

Yannian and Qiao Nian ate cakes, wearing school uniforms and still selling the “New Youth” magazine at the school gate. Liu Mei came over in the car and delivered the money for the magazines that were wet that day. Yannian refused. Liu Mei had no choice but to say that this was the money she bought for 13 magazines. Liu Mei squatted down to help organize the magazines, and explained that that day because of a bad mood after quarreling with his father, he had a bad attitude, and then apologized to the two brothers.

The courteous Yannian also admitted that he broke the school rules first, and the two brothers and Liu Mei made peace. Master Liu offered to send Yannian Qiaonian and Liu Mei to study in the United States. He also said that they wanted them to help him take good care of his daughter. For now, studying in the United States would be a better choice. But Yannian flatly refused. He wanted to walk his own way instead of the so-called flat road laid by others.

Fan Yuanlian, the director of education in the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China, greeted Cai Yuanpei enthusiastically. As soon as Cai Yuanpei sat down, he talked about becoming a leader of Peking University. Cai Yuanpei proposed that Li Yuanhong had agreed to three chapters of his contract and he immediately took office. He took out a huge mess of documents and handed it to Fan Yuanlian. This was his preliminary idea of ​​Peking University. He wanted to recruit more than 100 professors at home and abroad. This was just salary. It was a large sum of money, and Fan Yuanlian frowned when he saw it, and he had to try his best to lobby for them.

When Chen Duxiu and Wang Mengzou came to Beijing, he rejected Wang Mengzou’s “luxury” proposal to live in a suite and restaurant. He had to live in a single room and eat the mutton restaurant frequently visited by coachmen. The coachmen in the hot pot restaurant were squeezed standing and paddling their fists. Chen Duxiu pulled Wang Mengzou in but there was only one pot left. The shopkeeper took the partition and divided the coachman’s pot into two pots. Chen Duxiu talked to Wang Mengzou endlessly about the method of rinsing hairy belly and rinsing meat, but the coachman on the opposite side went down and fished it up with a plate, poured sesame sauce on it, and ate it with pancakes.

Wang Mengzou made fun of Chen Duxiu, his eating method was changed by poor scholars. While talking about the excitement, the heart who was admitted to Peking University brought Bai Lan in to fight with Chen Duxiu. Peking University does not accept female students, so Bai Lan has to work as a tutor while preparing for a part-time study in preparation for studying in France. Today, she is receiving her salary to celebrate. Chen Duxiu was happy for them and hoped that he would also have the opportunity to let Xin Gang take him to visit Peking University.

Cai Yuanpei officially received the letter of appointment, which was not easy to come by. He deeply thanked everyone for their help. After joining the company, the first thing he needs to do is to recruit talents in liberal arts and people who can raise the banner of innovation. Chen Duxiu’s name suddenly appeared in his ears. Chen Duxiu and Cai Yuanpei are also old friends. Knowing that Chen Duxiu has arrived in Beijing, Cai Yuanpei proposed that he would visit him in person.

Chen Duxiu received 100,000 shares in one go, and the influence of “New Youth” has already been proven in Beijing. Chen Duxiu excitedly threw himself into the snow, got up and jumped upstairs. In the snow, he saw Cai Yuanpei who was waiting for him in the corridor, and the two embraced excitedly.

Chen Duxiu shouted respectfully to Mr. Cai Yuanpei and invited Cai Yuanpei into the house. Cai Yuanpei was one round older than Chen Duxiu. He recalled participating in the assassination team to test explosives, but it was thanks to Chen Duxiu’s push to get his life back. Cai Yuanpei highly praised the scientific and democratic ideas put forward by “New Youth” and hoped that Chen Duxiu would come to Peking University as the dean of liberal arts.

Chen Duxiu has no serious experience in university and teaching and educating people. He is afraid that he will mislead his children. Cai Yuanpei hoped that Chen Duxiu could think about it more carefully and be able to do something for China’s education at Peking University. Chen Duxiu told the truth that he still couldn’t let go of “New Youth” in his heart. Cai Yuanpei got up immediately and decided to go back to discuss how to let him run a magazine to teach students how to do both.

Chen Duxiu refused to participate in the signing ceremony for an appointment with Qian Xuantong, and Wang Mengzou was helpless and unable to stop it. Chen Duxiu and Qian Xuan had been with each other for a long time. Tao Ranting finally met in the heavy snow. Liu Bannong also came together. The sound of the guqin in Tao Ranting was faint, and Qian Xuantong had already prepared the banquet, and even wrapped the ironed flower carvings in cotton quilts for the rickshaw.

Chen Duxiu was very grateful for the elegance. Liu Bannong came to Beijing with the intention of going to Peking University to apply for a job. Now many scholars with lofty ideals are coming to Beijing. This is a place where opportunities and risks coexist. Chen Duxiu’s appointment with them was precisely for the promotion of “New Youth” in Beijing, and Liu Bannong even suggested that he move “New Youth” to Beijing in order to better carry forward the spirit of science and democracy.

Cai Yuanpei came to visit Chen Duxiu holding an umbrella, but Chen Duxiu, who had come back drunk late, had not yet woke up. Cai Yuanpei just moved a stool and sat at the door of the room, waiting for Chen Duxiu to wake up in the cold wind and snow. Wang Mengzou made his calculations and went out, but saw Cai Yuanpei sitting at the door dozing off, which made him feel wrong. Wang Mengzou went to knock on the door and tried to wake Chen Duxiu. Chen Duxiu, who had been drinking too much, almost vomited out as soon as he opened the door. Seeing Chen Duxiu, who was in disheveled clothes, Cai Yuanpei screamed pretentiously. Chen Duxiu quickly drank tea and sobered up.

Cai Yuanpei told him that “New Youth” could be brought to Peking University, and he could also be edited by professors, so that “New Youth” could use Peking University as an excellent platform to promote Mr. Sai. , In order to promote and promote the new cultural movement. With a long monthly salary of 300 oceans in liberal arts, Cai Yuanpei invited Chen Duxiu to go north with his family. “New Youth” is very important to Beijing, Chen Duxiu did not dare to agree, he proposed to recommend a talent for Cai Yuanpei, but Cai Yuanpei is determined and will not waver easily.

At this time, the editors of Jiayin Daily, Gao Yihan, together with Xingang and Bai Lan, came to visit Chen Duxiu. Gao Yihan specially invited him to visit the editorial office. Chen Duxiu proposed to take a look immediately. Cai Yuanpei understood what he meant, so he picked up his clothes and prepared to leave. He was already second to nothing.

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