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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 4 Recap

On the side of the road, a woman knelt on the ground holding a sick child in her arms, begging people to donate money to treat the child. Li Dazhao greeted the driver to stop, but saw a man rushing over and desperately pulling the woman away. His name is Ge Shugui, a worker in Changxindian, and this woman is his wife. He was angry that the life of the poor was waiting to die, but death also had to die standing.

But his wife just wanted the child to live, she kowtowed her head heavily, and Ge Shugui took off his shoes and beat his wife in grief and anger. Zhao Shiyan, a student from the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, stepped forward to stop him and asked people around him for money to treat them. Li Dazhao stepped forward to help the woman, and he promised to take them to the doctor.

Li Dazhao revealed his identity in the hospital, and Zhao Shiyan admired his articles very much, and the two of them reached out to make friends with Ge Shugui. The doctor told them that the child is not life-threatening but needs to be hospitalized. Li Dazhao came to the pawnshop with his luggage and decided to pawn his clothes and pocket watch to raise some money for the child, but these were still in vain. He came to the “Morning Bell” newspaper to advance his salary to Ge Shugui in advance, which made Ge Shugui very grateful, and Zhao Shiyan admired him even more.

Yannian was reading the article aloud. A girl hurriedly ran upstairs with a accordion on her back, but accidentally kicked over the bucket and soaked all the Yannian and magazines downstairs. Yannian called the girl angrily. The girl was anxious to go to class and took out ten yuan and threw it downstairs. This angered Yannian, and he yelled that the girls must come down and apologize. This girl is not a good stubborn, and when she walks down, she reprimands Yannian with the school rules that can’t set up a stall, but she is justified and confident.

As freshmen, Yannian and Qiaonian didn’t know such school rules. They could go to this arrogant and domineering woman and must apologize to them. The woman claimed that she had never apologized, and picked up all the magazines on the ground and threw them outside the school. Yannian was quite ambitious and set up a stall outside the Aurora School to sell the reissue of “New Youth”. Unexpectedly, the crowd of people who just opened up to buy was endless, and the business of the two brothers was also very good.

In Beijing’s Baishun Hutong, Zhang Fengzai, who was drunk and brought a group of dudes, came to the first-class Qingyin Xiaopanlanxiang class, looking for the top brand Gui Jinluan. Unfortunately, this Gui Jinluan is singing to Hu Jun of Peking University. He has been here for several days. The boy on the side opened his mouth. He relied on Duan Qirui’s confidant to confuse a professor, but he knew that he would eat, drink, and bet if he didn’t teach people well. Zhang Fengzai was upset, and all the people who had drunk broke in like this, and started ding-ding.

When Qiao Nian was sorting through the newspapers and magazines, he found a purse with more than 500 oceans inside. Yannian opened it and looked for it but only saw Adi Song’s name. Yannian put the leather bag away, and the two brothers sat on the side of the road, enduring hunger, waiting for the owner to find it. When the two were close together and fell asleep, the old man who took the car to buy magazines for his employer during the day held a flashlight and held a meeting anxiously to find out, and Yannian cautiously inquired about the contents of the old man’s purse.

Knowing that his old man is named Song Adi, these silver notes are dividends from the soap factory to the owner, and Yannian decisively returns the purse. Uncle Song escorted him home because it was late, so Yannian Qiao Nian asked him to go home with him as a proof. Two kind young people followed to the mansion and sent the old man to take advantage of the trend and leave them to call the master.

The woman who happened to come down upstairs was the unreasonable woman during the day. When she saw these two people, she immediately rushed down and made a lot of noise. The master stepped out to stop Liu Mei’s unreasonable behavior, Yannian refused the master’s thank you, and as the school’s school manager, the master proposed to exempt the two of them from tuition and miscellaneous fees.

Yannian refused with a smile, and it was natural for them to pay tuition for school, and they would work-study to find a way on their own. When he was about to leave, he heard Wu Zhihui screaming and ran in. Now they were told that they were Chen Duxiu’s sons. But Yannian didn’t want to be in his father’s light, and when he mentioned the magazine, he had to go back to school with his younger brother.

In the rural village of Laoting, Hebei, two children are walking home carrying buckets. The boy’s name is Li Baohua, the son of Li Dazhao. The two children tried to lift the water up to pour it into the tank, but they were too weak to lift it. Li Dazhao stepped forward to pour the water in, and kindly called his daughter Li Xinghua’s name. His wife, Zhao Renlan, walked out of the house, looked at her husband, whom she had not seen for many years, and listened to him calling her sister.

She hurriedly called her children to see her father. The children hesitated looking at this strange man, but after all, blood is thicker than water, and his daughter’s warm embrace warmed his heart a lot, but the son was still stubbornly embarrassed and stepped forward. The family was finally reunited. Zhao Renlan and her daughter were holding chickens in the yard. Today they finally had a reunion dinner.

Li Dazhao taught his children to set the flag, which he learned in Japan, and the chess pieces were carved by himself. Li Baohua came to study with great interest, and his sons and daughters also asked when his father could become a high-ranking official. Li Dazhao used the principle of one thing and one thing on the chessboard to tell him that as long as engineers and soldiers gather together, they can defeat many high officials, and they must also be upright people.

The warlord caused harm to the country and the people. Li Dazhao rejected the fat difference in Nanjing. He vowed that he would never go with him. Zhao Renlan supports her husband’s idea that she will guard this home. Li Dazhao’s income from running a magazine can also be enough for his family, but what he still needs to do is still dangerous.

The news spread that the students of Peking University were jealous and fighting, and the highest school in the great country had such a group of scum, which made the people very dissatisfied. Li Yuanhong’s three consecutive gold medals allowed Cai Yuanpei to return to Beijing to be the president of Peking University. Wang Daxie explained that Li Yuanhong had been suppressed by Duan Qirui for a long time, and he wanted to use this move to invite buyers to compete with Duan Qirui.

When there was a scandal at Peking University, he took the opportunity to remove Duan Qirui’s cronies. Cai Yuanpei has no intention of fighting, but he hopes to inherit Sun Yat-sen’s hope, create a world-class university, and set the banner of modern education in China. The new culture movement and scientific and democratic ideas initiated by Chen Duxiu are flourishing. Wang Daxie hopes that he can create new hope for China through the Peking University Mansion, and this is precisely Cai Yuanpei’s aspiration.

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