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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 3 Recap

Chen Duxiu stamped the calligraphy, and said that he would charge a pen fee, two hundred for each character, and he would write one each month. Wang Meng and Zou yelled for help, Chen Zishou and Chen Zipei immediately understood that this was for a drunkard and not for drinking. But Chen Duxiu’s calligraphy was rare, so they accepted it with a smile.

Wang Mengzou brought a watermelon to Yannian Qiao Nian, who was helping at home, and looked at the grasshopper cage made up on the table. He repeatedly confirmed that the two brothers would not cause trouble again, and then went out with Chen Duxiu and others. meet. After Zhang Shizhao returned to China, he also came to discuss with everyone. Chen Duxiu’s anti-Yuan thoughts have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but Yuan Dang’s counterattack has also increased greatly, and many people have been sacrificed everywhere.

Zhang Shizhao conveyed Sun Yat-sen’s instructions, Yuan Shikai’s vigorous suppression of anti-Yuan personnel, but under the high pressure, the revolutionary party won a lot of mass support. Sun Yat-sen and Huang Xing asked them to act vigorously, and once the time was right, they would immediately raise their troops to protect the country and rebuild a brand new republic.

Zou Yongcheng stopped a team of more than 2,000 people in the name of going back to his hometown to run a magazine. Chen Duxiu and Yi Baisha started the “Youth Magazine” with the intention of advocating a new culture, bringing up new youth, and reshaping a generation of youth with the banner of science and democracy. The foreigner printed on the cover of the magazine is Carnegie. He wants to use Carnegie’s success in self-improvement to inspire contemporary youth to change their destiny by their own efforts.

Chen Duxiu in the auditorium of Shanghai Aurora College gave a speech amidst enthusiastic applause. He explained his intention to start the journal to the students sitting on the stage. He shared his own consciousness over the years. The most fundamental of all the consciousness is ideological and moral concepts. The consciousness of human beings. To find the most advanced ideas in the world to shape the people and shape the country.

Contemporary Chinese youth should have six standards, one is autonomous and not slave, two is progressive rather than conservative, three is enterprising rather than retired, the four worlds are not locked in the country, and the five are practical and not imaginary. Six scientific rather than imagined. Generally speaking, science and democracy are both important. They are the yardstick of every word and deed. Any violation of the rules of the ancestors of the sages is unbelievable. If China is to be strong, it must dig out the rotten boils. Young people must start by speaking and writing, and write articles that everyone can understand in the vernacular, so as to arm themselves and promote China’s advancement.

On September 15, 1915, Chen Duxiu founded the “Youth Magazine”, and now the new cultural movement of ideological enlightenment is in full swing. Li Dazhao learned about Chen Duxiu’s start of the publication. He was very excited with the Youth Magazine. Two months ago, he wanted to argue with Chen Duxiu, and now he has become his best friend. Pour Yuan has become the consensus of the whole China. It is what Li Dazhao has always wanted to do to awaken the people’s consciousness. He has determined to give up his studies and has received a letter from Chen Duxiu.

The streets of Changsha, Hunan were raining drizzle. Soldiers rode high-headed horses and wielded their whips. A man wearing a long shirt was running in panic. He was a student of the First Normal School and his name was Mao Zedong. He watched the rich young master sitting in the car eating sandwiches, the gray-faced young girl on the street being promoted by human traffickers, and the creeping old beggar on the ground digging through the trash to eat, but he could only leave in a hurry.

Chen Chang was thinking about the enlightenment of 28 painters. He Shuheng shared foreign persimmons for everyone. Cai Hesen’s mother Ge Jianhao felt that this student was not a small student. His original intention was to find like-minded people to serve the country together. The 28 painters were Mao Zedong, Xiao Zisheng, and Cai Hesen. At this time, someone was holding an umbrella and said that they were looking for 28 painters to apply for membership. Mao Zedong hurried back, shouting that he had found a baby, and he turned around and saw the new friend named Li Lisan. Several people sat down and shared the treasure that Mao Zedong said, which turned out to be the “Youth Magazine” edited by Chen Duxiu.

Mao Zedong, who bought a bunch of books, even spent his food money, but he said it was enough to have this book. A few young people were sitting together, eating and talking about the six standards of the new youth. Mao Zedong felt that one should be added to be strong instead of weak. He believes that there are many weak Chinese people and weak martial arts. Only they are strong and healthy to dare to fight with the great powers. He wants to contribute to the “New Youth” magazine to talk about the Chinese own sports. Mao Zedong was opened up by “New Youth”. He wrote this sentence in his diary, fighting with the sky is endless, fighting with the earth is endless, and fighting with people is endless.

In the small auditorium of Tianjin Nankai Middle School, Zhou Enlai held the “New Youth” magazine praised Chen Duxiu’s inaugural words, which attracted people’s hearts, like a bright light illuminating his soul. He read the articles in the magazine with great affection, spreading the ideas of science and democracy to the classmates sitting in front of him.

The artists on the street singing the board are all chanting Mr. Desai, and “New Youth” has become a hot magazine. Hu Shi wrote a letter specifically to Wang Mengzou, Chen Duxiu was excited after reading this person is terrifying, must let a talent like him come to “New Youth”. Wang Mengzou said that Hu Shi is a filial son and will return to China after he finishes his studies. Chen Duxiu firmly said that as long as he returns, he must be caught.

Gao Junman’s tuberculosis got worse, and he sat on the bench coughing and breathing. Chen Duxiu wanted to buy medicine, but the family’s money had been spent, so he had to go to Wang Mengzou. Wang Mengzou was doing the calculations. The two thousand copies of “New Youth” had already been sold back, and Chen Duxiu asked him to also calculate his own manuscript and editing fees. Wang Mengzou counted the 120 yuan he actually deserved, and also asked Chen Duxiu to buy some wealthy businessmen into shares.

Yannian Qiaonian just came back. They have to work at the porter station and work in Wang Mengzou’s place. They don’t need the salary to say that they cover the accommodation fee. It is really hard to learn French at night. Hearing this, Chen Duxiu actually proposed to give himself the two editors. This made Qiao Nian dissatisfied.

He ran out and walked in front of Chen Duxiu. Chen Duxiu gave his son along with his manuscript fee and gave them to them for tuition. Yannian returned the money to Chen Duxiu and confronted him. He couldn’t both want to love his country and his family. People like him would only bring harm to his family. Chen Duxiu was annoyed that his son’s persistence would only make him suffer, but Yannian believed that his persistence was the right way. At this point, the father and son left in anger.

Li Dazhao was expelled from Waseda University under the name of long-term lack of study, but he was relieved and could finally engage in revolution without distraction. He loves editing magazines. He must go back to the current situation in China. He decided to return to China after running the “Minyi” magazine overseas.

The publication of “New Youth” was suspended due to pressure, but Li Dazhao was writing an article for the reissue number of “New Youth”. This kind of small obstacle was nothing more than changing the name. He was reading the article titled “Youth” that he wrote. He expressed materialistic thought with high spirit and words, put forward the ideal proposition of rebuilding a youthful China, and called on the youth to constantly reform themselves and build a youthful China.

In the Yipin Xianglu Pavilion, Wu Zhihui smiled and pulled Yannian Qiao Nian into the house to heat up, and complained that Chen Duxiu didn’t know to come over to see himself when he returned home. The publication of “New Youth” was sued for infringement of reputation rights, and Chen Duxiu had to be busy with a lawsuit. This accuser was simply humiliating himself. Wu Zhihui’s return to China this time, one is to reverse the Yuan movement, and the other is to start the action to stay in France.

Knowing that the two brothers wanted to study in France, he asked them what the most popular theory in the West is today. Qiao Nian answered that they were evolutionary. Chen Duxiu gave a speech in school, and the two brothers were also very inspired. Wu Zhihui told them that the most popular theory today is Kropotkin’s theory of mutual aid, and he also brought back theoretical materials from France to the two brothers.

In March 1916, Yuan Shikai was forced to abolish the monarchy, and a ugly farce finally died. Later, Li Dazhao was invited to Beijing to serve as the editor-in-chief of The Morning Bell. At this time, he had become a revolutionary full of new ideas. On Beijing’s Qianmen Street, Li Dazhao sat in a rickshaw and asked about the life of the coachman. The coachman bluntly said that their current life is miserable, and he has never had such a frustrated life.

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