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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 18 Recap

In the past, when Luo Zhi watched Jiang Baili doing errands to buy things for the Gobi every day, she always had a very simple illusion. She didn’t know until today that she didn’t even have the qualifications to run errands. Jiang Baili comforted Luo Zhi, who was depressed, and helped her back to the dormitory. A plaster that worked well, a bowl of hot instant noodles, and the fun of gossip about the past, only slightly dispelled her inner loneliness.

Sheng Huainan, who was also in the dormitory, kept staring at the porridge in front of him in silence. Upon closer inspection, Sheng Huainan even had tears in his eyes, and finally drank with a bowl of porridge, recalling the scene of Luo Zhi falling down, his tears dripped into the porridge, and the entrance was even more bitter.

In the law instruction class, Wen Yuan talked about legal issues as usual, and Luo Zhi’s eyes fell deeply on Sheng Huainan, but he did not get a response. Sheng Huainan deliberately sat far away from Luo Zhi, but accidentally chose Zheng Wenrui’s side, which really made her excited. Sheng Huainan picked up the pen that Zheng Wenrui had dropped due to his excitement, which made her even more pleasantly surprised. He clung to Sheng Huainan’s hand and refused to let it go.

The eyes in the distance were watching this scene, seeing Sheng Huainan’s hand accidentally scratched by Zheng Wenrui because he was too anxious to break free. He immediately wrapped the band-aids in paper and passed them to Sheng Huainan’s hands one by one from Zhang Mingrui. The two had their own concerns, but Zheng Wenrui was flattered and wandered out of the sky in class. Wen Yuan was banned from class and had to leave in frustration.

After class, Sheng Huainan watched Luo Zhi approaching and immediately agreed to leave with Ye Zhanyan, and went to the student council to discuss matters related to the symposium. Luo Zhi has watched too much of this scene. After she has experienced bit by bit with Sheng Huainan, it has long been difficult to go back to the past, no matter how hard it is to bear the days of silent attention.

Luo Zhi came to the secret balcony that belonged to her and Sheng Huainan, and sent three WeChat messages to Sheng Huainan’s phone. She just wanted to know whether the other party could pretend not to see it again. Luo Zhi, who had already tasted happiness, didn’t want to give up anymore. Even if the tacit understanding was the lie she created, she had to execute it to the end. This was the only weapon she could approach Sheng Huainan.

Luo Zhi looked at the secret love that had been written in the corner and cried bitterly in his arms. The moment the phone rang, she wondered if she was expecting Sheng Huainan’s call. The fact is that Gobi hopes that Luo Zhi can come to the student union to participate in the discussion and give professional advice for the seat cover meeting.

This time, although Luo Zhi could still discuss some professional topics with Sheng Huainan, and even let Ye Zhanyan fail to speak again, this time Sheng Huainan did not agree with her point of view. Regardless of whether it was a breath or a sincere heart, the happiest one was Ye Zhanyan, and the meeting ended in an unhappy atmosphere.

After a heavy rain, Jiang Baili was tricked by Chen Mohan into the student union using the name of Gobi and gave away two tickets for the seat cover meeting. This not only undermined Jiang Baili’s last extravagant hope, but also made her completely sever the connection with Gobi.

Also in this rain, Luo Zhi looked at the message sent by Sheng Huainan. In order to have a chance to contact the beloved, she deliberately lied that she was trapped in the cafe. With a pair of new shoes, Luo Zhi ran to the door of the cafe in the rain to wait for Sheng Huainan, but he waited for a yellow women’s raincoat.

It turned out that Sheng Huainan deliberately borrowed the raincoat that Ye Zhanyan had worn only once, and Luo Zhi’s reluctance to accept it also confirmed that Luo Zhi had been paying attention to himself in secret, otherwise how would he know that this belonged to Ye Zhanyan? Raincoat.

What’s more, Luo Zhi refused to Zhang Mingrui’s text message to give the umbrella, mentioning that she had not left the dormitory. It is no coincidence that a book is not made. Zhang Mingrui didn’t know the reason and brought up the matter to Sheng Huainan. Luo Zhi’s lies were completely exposed in front of Sheng Huainan, thus strengthening his temptation.

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