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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 17 Recap

Whether it was the diary that Ding Shuijing took out of context with Ding Shuijing, or using the so-called return gift to frame Luo Zhi, or using the fire to speculate on Luo Zhi’s bad intentions, Ye Zhanyan was already enough to expose his intentions. Even if Luo Zhi was really as unbearable as Ye Zhanyan said, she could no longer restore the feeling she felt in Sheng Huainan’s heart. Instead, Sheng Huainan thought that she was deeply intent and was not at all naive at first.

However, the facts are in front of us. It happened that Sheng’s mother came to Xiamen again. Sheng Huainan met her mother early the next morning and asked about the details of the accident that year. It turned out that Luo Zhi’s father was a son-in-law. In Sheng’s mother’s eyes, it was because of his illegal operations that his factory suffered heavy losses. Luo Zhi’s mother came to the door in mourning clothes for the New Year.

At the moment when Sheng Huainan heard of this, he thought of why his parents were unwilling to lend a helping hand to the Luozhi family, instead of caring about who was responsible for the fire, let alone suspecting that Luozhi had other intentions. But whether Ye Zhanyan or Luo Zhi, Sheng’s mother would not allow girls with a lack of family background and strange personalities to get started.

After Sheng Huainan returned to school, he didn’t go out of the door at first. He also caught a cold when he was in good health. No matter how many medicines he took, he didn’t get better. Heart disease still needs heart medicine, Sheng Huainan believes in Luo Zhi’s character, but he is disappointed that Luo Zhi is unwilling to tell himself the deepest secret in his heart.

Sheng Huainan seemed to be doing a logical problem, speculating and reasoning about Luo Zhi’s behavior logic on his own, and finally felt sad that Luo Zhi disdain to share everything with him. Sheng Huainan has never cared about a girl like this, nor has he ever felt that Hui Luo Zhi was in a co-production with him, but he did not expect this to happen.

Sheng Huainan has been hiding from people, and Luo Zhi learned from Jiang Baili’s tarot card calculation that she is undergoing the test brought about by lies, and she is still utterly unsettled all day long. It was not until Zhang Mingrui informed Sheng Huainan that he was sick that Luo Zhi felt a little relieved from his worries, but he was even more worried about Sheng Huainan’s health.

Luo Zhi thought of Sheng Huainan in his heart, as if he was possessed. He always worried about the other party to himself, for fear that the food Zhang Mingrui brought to Sheng Huainan from the cafeteria was not light enough. Finally, after thinking about it, he could not help but buy it for him. Porridge. Jiang Baili looked at Luo Zhi’s back who couldn’t wait to leave, as if she had seen herself at the beginning.

Luo Zhi hurried to a porridge shop in the mall to buy light food, but when he was about to arrive at the boys’ dormitory, he received a call from Jiang Baili. Sheng Huainan has been hiding from Luo Zhi after dating. How many days later he became more inexplicably ill. No matter what he thinks, Jiang Baili feels that it is more than just being sick, and only then will he want to stop Luo Zhi’s behavior.

The call made Luo Zhi feel uneasy, went up the steps in despair, and accidentally fell to the cold ground, sprinkling hot porridge on her legs. This kind of heat is like Sheng Huainan’s enthusiasm, and the icy step is the inexplicable coldness after the enthusiasm, which really hurt Luo Zhi’s heart.

But he didn’t know that, in fact, all this was clearly seen by Sheng Huainan wearing a mask. He resisted the urge to appear, followed Luo Zhi all the way back to the mall again, watching the other party buy exactly the same porridge, and then watching her ask Bring your roommate upstairs. Sheng Huainan watched Luo Zhi limping away before he grabbed his food bag and went upstairs without saying a word.

For Mo Dan’s lecture, the list of hosts was set as Ye Zhanyan and Sheng Huainan, and Ye Zhanyan’s candidate was Luo Zhi, which inevitably made her feel unhappy. Ye Zhanyan asked herself that only she was worthy to stand beside Sheng Huainan, and it was for this reason that she would not voluntarily withdraw from giving opportunities to others. This allowed her to tolerate the reserve list, but she would never let Luo Zhi have a chance to actually stand. Before the stage.

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