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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 9 Recap

Song Chenggong and his party came to the port. They didn’t wait for the snake head to meet them, but waited for Gao Xiaotian and others. It turned out that Gao Xiaotian had received the news long ago, knowing that Song Chenggong wanted to escape, Gao Xiaotian planned to let Song Chenggong and others leave the hotel, just to appear at the last moment before they left, instead of the snake head, just to suppress Song Chenggong’s arrogance.

Take the initiative of negotiation in your own hands. When Song Chenggong saw Gao Xiaotian panicked, he explained it lamely. Gao Xiaotian didn’t eat this set, and solemnly told Song Chenggong that the snakehead who helped them smuggle had been captured by the local police. Gao Xiaotian Let Song Chenggong go back to the hotel as soon as possible, and when he has rested, he will talk to him again.

After Song Chenggong left, Gao Xiaotian told Yin Zhihang and Wu Shengnan that the killer who had been trying to kill Song Chenggong before Song Chenggong arrived at the dock was shot dead by Interpol. The security crisis of Song Chenggong was temporarily lifted, and the killer was lying in ambush at the dock, indicating that the ghost next to Song Chenggong was still reporting the news.

However, the domestic police checked the communication records of the three people around Song Chenggong and found no suspicious ones. Traces, Gao Xiaotian decided to find an appropriate time to tell Song Chenggong about the killer. In order to let Song Chenggong increase his trust in him, Gao Xiaotian and his superiors asked for instructions and released Song Chenggong’s wife Hu Min in advance.

After Hu Min returned home, he called Song Chenggong. Hu Min and the children missed Song Chenggong. Hu Min also persuaded Song Chenggong to return to China. Song Chenggong was worried that the police would deny him after he returned. Hu Min had no choice but to let him. Song Chenggong has a good talk with the overseas team, don’t be impulsive. In the name of thanks, Song Chenggong asked the overseas group to have dinner at the hotel.

Gao Xiaotian asked his colleagues to prepare to stretch the battle line. Don’t persuade Song Chenggong at dinner tonight. It’s good to do things as much as possible. Successfully build trust in them, and if the time is right, use side-by-side attacks. At the dinner table, Song Chenggong thanked Gao Xiaotian and said that he would take them to a resort hotel run by a friend for a few days. Gao Xiaotian agreed.

Song Chenggong met a little boy when he was about to go to the restaurant in the hotel. Song Chenggong played with the little boy on a whim, thinking about his own children. Song Chenggong hosted a banquet in the restaurant to entertain Gao Xiaotian. At the dinner table, Song Chenggong told Gao Xiaotian that they had always been a duty-bound businessman.

Since meeting Liao Qidong, he was on the thief ship. Although he disagrees with Liao Qidong’s approach in many things, he is not willing to return to China because of Liao Qidong’s kindness to him. Song Chenggong did not answer the accusation against Liao Qidong, and changed the subject again. Gao Xiaotian saw that Song Chenggong was holding things in his heart, and planned to pour him a few more glasses with Yin Zhihang so that he could speak out.

As Gao Xiaotian expected, Song Chenggong drank a few more glasses and couldn’t help crying. He said that he had a home and couldn’t go back. He was too scared. He was afraid of going to jail and even more afraid of Liao Qidong. Similar things happened. He thought that Liao Qidong was going to fall, but Liao Qidong swaggered home within a few days. Song Chenggong had to say something more, but he almost vomited, and Accountant Shao and Lawyer Cheng helped him back to the room to rest.

Gao Xiaotian and others returned to the room and began to analyze Song Chenggong’s situation. According to Song Chenggong’s crimes, even if it was not a death sentence, he would still be in jail for the rest of his life. Song Chenggong was afraid of going to jail. They could not solve this, but they could let Song Success is not afraid of Liao Qidong, let him believe that Liao Qidong is completely down. The next morning, a gun was pointed at Song Chenggong’s head. Song Chenggong woke up from his dream and quickly called Long Tao.

However, Long Tao said that he had been guarding at the door and found no suspicious person. Maybe Song Chenggong was doing it. Nightmare. After Song Chenggong woke up, he knew that Gao Xiaotian and the others wanted to get himself drunk. He felt a little unhappy, so he decided to let them go for a day. Gao Xiaotian couldn’t see Song Chenggong, so he took a rest for a day and got together to discuss Analyze who is the inner ghost next to Song Chenggong.

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