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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 8 Recap

Gao Xiaotian also said that they had found Frank and were doing Frank’s work. I believe Frank would also agree to go back to China to testify against Liao Qidong. Song Chenggong talked about Wei Zimeng’s move and asked Gao Xiaotian if he was still there. After being hunted down, whether his own safety problem has not been solved yet, Gao Xiaotian can only tell him that they are indeed protecting Song Chenggong’s life, but foreign countries are no better than domestic ones, so I hope Song Chenggong will return to China with himself as soon as possible. Song Chenggong was very worried. He heard dangerous information from Gao Xiaotian’s words and decided to move as soon as possible according to Gao Xiaotian’s suggestions.

Three days later, Frank finally couldn’t hold back and decided to contact the overseas team, but Gao Xiaotian told him before leaving, not to pay attention to Frank, and several people said that Gao Xiaotian was not free and contacted Frank later. Gao Xiaotian met with Frank after returning to Country M. Frank said about his mentality in the past few days. Gao Xiaotian and others continued to dispel Frank’s concerns and convinced Frank to believe in Chinese law.

The case of Liao Qidong showed the Chinese government. With zero tolerance for corruption, they need Frank because Frank is an important link in the chain of key evidence in the Liao Qidong case. They just need Frank to go back to testify. In order to reassure Frank, Gao Xiaotian specifically asked the superiors for instructions.

Agree to issue a power of attorney for Frank to return to China, authorizing Gao Xiaotian as the plenipotentiary representative to deal with Frank’s return to China, and then Gao Xiaotian has resolved all of Frank’s concerns. With Gao Xiaotian’s authorization letter, Frank finally made up his mind to go back with Gao Xiaotian and the others. Hearing Frank’s decision, Gao Xiaotian finally relieved his heart and let out a sigh of relief. Gao Xiaotian personally took Frank back to China. He also gave Frank his phone number and called him if necessary.

Gao Xiaotian returned to the bureau and reported the situation to Vice Minister Zhang. Vice Minister Zhang encouraged Gao Xiaotian to continue to do Song Chenggong’s work. As long as Song Chenggong is brought back to China, it will be a miracle. Gao Xiaotian also had no bottom in his heart. Song Chenggong’s bone was the most difficult to chew, but it was man-made, Gao Xiaotian could only go all out.

Gao Xiaotian returned to New Djibouti and had an appointment with Song Chenggong. In fact, Song Chenggong did not want to go back to China. He wanted to get evidence in New Djibouti. Accountant Shao on the side mentioned a plan he mentioned before, and Song Chenggong asked Long Tao. To do it.

Accounting Shao’s plan was to let Song Chenggong leave New Jibu as a ship. Long Tao contacted someone and explained that the ship would leave early in the morning, but attorney Cheng felt that the killer problem had not been resolved. Song Chenggong gave up the negotiation with the overseas team so quickly It was too early, and Accounting Shao persuaded Song Chenggong to leave quickly. Song Chenggong felt a little annoyed, and if he decided to go there tomorrow, he would Gao Xiaotian and wait until that time to make a decision.

The next morning, Song Chenggong and Gao Xiaotian met again. He said that he wanted to talk about something else during the meeting. Gao Xiaotian also cooperated with him and talked broadly. Song Chenggong said that he likes to read some history books. Gao Xiaotian asked him what he thought of the dispute between Chu and Han. Most people think that Liu Bang is a resourceful person and Xiang Yu is a courageous person, but Gao Xiaotian feels that Liu Bang’s courage is not small, otherwise he would go to the Hongmen feast alone.

Song Chenggong felt that Gao Xiaotian had something in his words and asked him if he wanted to return to China for a Hongmen banquet like Liu Bang. Gao Xiaotian said that returning to China is not a Hongmen banquet, but Song Chenggong needs more courage than ordinary people. Song Chenggong sees Gao Xiaotian.

After speaking again, he asked if he could testify in New Gibb, but Gao Xiaotian said that only Song Chenggong returned to China to testify would have legal effect. After Song Chenggong returned to the hotel, he called Accountant Shao and Lawyer Cheng, saying that he had decided to run away tonight. In the middle of the night, Song Chenggong and his party packed up their luggage. Presuming that Wei Zimeng and Wei Zimeng were asleep, they quietly left the hotel.

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