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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 7 Recap

Gao Xiaotian and Yin Zhihang continued to persuade Frank to testify in a Chinese court. Frank refused and began to change the subject. Gao Xiaotian looked at Frank quietly without interrupting. Frank was a little guilty, stopped talking, and let Gao Xiaotian stop talking. They continued, Yin Zhihang suddenly asked to chat with Frank alone, and Gao Xiaotian and others went out. Yin Zhihang told Frank that according to his behavior, he could actually report to Interpol, issue a red notice, and initiate the extradition procedure against Frank. Once this procedure is started, it will take a long time.

It may be one year or two years. It may be seven or eight years. Before Frank was formally extradited to China, he would have to stay in the prison of country M. Frank listened and his expression worsened. Yin Zhihang achieved his goal and left Frank. Talking to the lawyer, Frank asked whether what the lawyer Yin Zhihang said was true. The lawyer was a little embarrassed and could only appease Frank, saying that his team would get Frank out as soon as possible.

In a recent meeting, Frank asked to chat with Gao Xiaotian alone, and everyone was very cooperative. Frank approached Gao Xiaotian and got close to him. In fact, he just wanted to know whether Liao Qidong’s case was big or not. He was very entangled in his heart, and Gao Xiaotian was also very cautious. He didn’t say it directly, but told Frank that this matter can be big or small. As long as Frank is willing to cooperate, it is small, and if it is not, it is big.

Gao Xiaotian will tell everyone about the situation, and intends to ask the domestic police to give Frank an explanation, and strive to allow Frank to build trust in them, so that it will be easier to successfully bring Frank back. Frank also discussed with the lawyer. He somewhat wanted to go back to testify with the police, but the lawyer felt that the red notice mentioned by the overseas team was just scaring Frank and preventing Frank from being fooled.

Soon after, Frank’s lawyer helped Frank get his visa. Frank was so excited that he soon bought a ticket and prepared to leave. He was notified at the airport that he was restricted from leaving the country. Frank hurriedly called the lawyer to ask about the situation, and the lawyer consulted. Later, I told him that once he was restricted from leaving the country, the embassy would have nothing to do. Frank should have been issued an arrest warrant by Interpol.

Frank was very helpless, so he had to meet with Gao Xiaotian and the others again. Gao Xiaotian expressed himself again. Sincerity, and promised that after Frank returns to China, personal freedom and freedom of communication will not be restricted. Frank discussed a few words with the lawyer, and then asked Gao Xiaotian to talk separately. Frank told Gao Xiaotian of his two concerns that he did help Liao Qidong some things at the time. He was worried that he would be punished by Chinese law after he gave his testimony.

Gao Xiaotian said that this was not what he said, Frank’s. Crimes must be measured by the law. The second concern is that Frank is worried that Gao Xiaotian has the final say here. After returning to China, what Gao Xiaotian said will not count. Gao Xiaotian is a little angry and feels that Frank is still lacking. Believing in himself, stopped talking to Frank at the moment, so that Frank should not always think about the bad side.

Song Chenggong had a stomach ailment. Wei Zimeng Longtao and others drove Song Chenggong to the hospital. The killer ambushing beside the villa also followed closely, but he didn’t find a chance along the way. The killer was a little anxious and went home in Song Chenggong. Shi shot a shot on the top of the building, and the person who secretly protected Song Chenggong shot and hit the killer, and fought with the killer, but unfortunately let the killer escape. Wei Zimeng and Gu Simiao Long Tao also heard the gunshots.

Wei Zimeng told Long Tao not to tell Song Chenggong about the incident, lest Song Chenggong could not sleep at night. For the sake of safety, Wei Zimeng and Gu Simiao suggested Song Chenggong to move and help him find a place. Song Chenggong was somewhat unwilling. Accounting Shao and Lawyer Cheng had different opinions. Accounting Shao felt that they should still find a house, but Attorney Cheng thought that he could go to the house they were looking for by the police, and Song Chenggong felt unsure.

Song Chenggong was living in the villa more and more depressed, and finally decided to meet with Gao Xiaotian for a talk. After learning the news, Gao Xiaotian decided to go back and meet Song Chenggong, and planned to hang on to Frank for a few days so that Frank would think about it. Be clear, don’t repeat it again and again. Soon Song Chenggong and Gao Xiaotian met. As soon as they met, Gao Xiaotian told Song Chenggong that Shi Yanan agreed to return to China to testify against Liao Qidong.

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