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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 6 Recap

Frank was very surprised when he saw Gao Xiaotian and the others in the detention center. When he heard Gao Xiaotian say that they were here for Liao Qidong, Frank misunderstood a few people and thought that he was caught by the Immigration Bureau as a ghost of Gao Xiaotian and the others. He immediately put on a gesture of refusing to cooperate, saying that he didn’t know Liao Qidong, so he didn’t need to talk to them. He said that Frank was about to leave.

Gao Xiaotian had to say that he wouldn’t talk about it after Frank clarified the matter. Late, the first meeting was not smooth, which made Gao Xiaotian a little worried. Yin Zhihang was worried that Frank was acting and deliberately blamed Gao Xiaotian for this, so as to refuse to talk to Gao Xiaotian and the others. Gao Xiaotian worried that country C would help Frank escape from prison. There is less time for negotiation, and Gao Xiaotian can only hurry up and try to talk with Frank smoothly as soon as possible.

After Wu Shengnan and Xiao Hong brought Shi Yanan to the Public Security Bureau, they rushed to Country M without stopping to meet Gao Xiaotian and the others. In the morning, Gao Xiaotian and Yin Zhihang went to the immigration office again to see Frank, but Frank pretended that he had no headache, Gao Xiaotian took out the headache medicine and asked the immigration police to send it to Frank. Frank said that he just didn’t sleep well. Gao Xiaotian said that he would let Frank sleep, so he waited until Frank wakes up. The policeman passing in the middle was a little annoyed, and angered Frank, asking him if he wanted to see Gao Xiaotian and them, and Frank had to go.

Gao Xiaotian was very serious. He said that on behalf of the Chinese police, he asked Frank to testify against Liao Qidong in a Chinese court. Frank was silent for a while and suddenly said that he would hire a lawyer. If no lawyer was present, he would not speak to them again Gao Xiaotian and Yin Zhihang did not stop them, only that they hoped that the next time the lawyer was present, they could have a good chat with him.

Frank’s lawyer quickly arrived at the immigration detention center and said that he was arrested and had nothing to do with the Chinese police. It was because Frank was too temperamental. Frank was a little embarrassed and asked when he could go out. The behavior was very annoying, and he did not agree to the early release. How long it took depends on the embassy.

The people at the embassy met Frank and asked him what was involved when he was in China. Frank didn’t want to say more. The ambassador could only say that he would renew Frank’s visa as soon as possible, but before that, Frank could only stay in the detention center. After the ambassador left, he urged Frank’s lawyer to figure out what Frank had concealed, and he would also pressure the immigration office to prevent the overseas team from meeting Frank.

Gao Xiaotian did not see Frank, knowing that someone was intervening, he decided to seek help from the Chinese Embassy. With the help of the Chinese Embassy, ​​they could meet Frank again. Frank brought his own lawyer and overseas team. When we met, Gao Xiaotian began to inquire about Frank and Liao Qidong. Frank evasive and refused to admit that he helped Liao Qidong commit a crime.

Gao Xiaotian did not go around with Frank and directly asked Frank to return to China to testify against Liao Qidong, so that he could redeem himself. For criminal behavior, Frank was very hard-talking, saying that he was just helping a friend to do something small and did not commit a crime.

Yin Zhihang is a legal expert. He told Frank about the specific crime. Gao Xiaotian added that several cases involving Frank are all in China. The more he heard about the big case, the more he became more incapable, and he proposed to talk to the lawyer alone. He asked the lawyer if it was true. He didn’t want to go to jail and the lawyer was not sure. He had to consult a friend, but Frank was the most important thing now. The problem is the visa issue. As long as the visa is approved, he can buy a ticket and leave, so he doesn’t have to face these things.

The overseas team here is also analyzing Frank’s reaction just now. Xiao Hong feels that Frank’s psychological defense has been loosened and can continue to put pressure on it. Several people returned to the room and continued to talk with Frank. Frank continued to evade Gao Xiaotian’s demands and was unwilling to return to China to testify against Liao Qidong. The next day the overseas team continued to come to Frank, and Frank continued to reject the request of the overseas team.

Late at night, Song Chenggong couldn’t sleep. When he went downstairs, he found that the bodyguard he had hired had fallen asleep by the door. Song Chenggong was about to step forward. Wei Zimeng and Gu Simiao woke up the two bodyguards and were still at the door. Continue to guard, which made Song Chenggong a little more trust in them. The next morning, Song Chenggong tried to win over the two of them, asking them to protect themselves full-time.

He could pay ten times the salary. Of course, the two were not moved. They also took the opportunity to persuade Song Chenggong to return to China. Song Chenggong promised to think about it. The killer who wanted to kill Song Chenggong was still waiting outside the villa, but Song Chenggong had a stomach problem. Attorney Cheng looked for people everywhere to ask if there was any painkiller.


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